TMA03 Submitted!

So, TMA03 has been submitted!

I planned to do it all yesterday, but had other stuff to do, so I finished the reading (100 pages) and made notes as I was going along.  I found this to be very effective! I also made a plan, just in case I needed one. Plus, it was a little bit useful. Today, after shopping, and teatime, and a bit of TV, I started part two – the essay exploring the idea that the rural – urban divide was, as they say, ‘overstated’.  1000 words for that one. I didn’t manage to write about all the things i’d planned to, as ever. This doesn’t really seem to matter too much, as long as I get my point across. I think I did. Word count came to 1001.

Then I did part one – the part I started on the Metro. Summarise the information in this chloropleth map and that bar graph.  Fair enough. I already had 100 of the 500 words I needed from my public transport study session, and managed to do the other 394 words without too much trouble.

I pretty much started at nine/ ten ish, and sent it at about half one. I don’t actually remember when I started. But it didn’t take long to do. I think the notes I made really helped.

On to TMA04! Hooray!

Plus, my W100 module material is due on the 11th, that’s next Friday!


4 thoughts on “TMA03 Submitted!

    • I’m afraid that is against the guidelines written in the student handbook. I’m not here to help individuals with their essays, only to blog about what happens. Sorry.

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