Skinny Jeans – Inside Or Outside?

This has been a matter of debate inside my own head for the past few days. Do your skinny jeans go inside, or stay outside, of your boots?

I zip mine inside my boots. Mostly because I can’t easily fit mine over my boots, they tend to not lend well to being forced over the top of a pair of Dockers, or as I have now, fake ones.

When I asked W whether they went in or out, he said it used to be the norm to tuck them in, back in the Eighties, then people were mocked for it, and now it seems to have come back in. I think he’s firmly for the ‘out of boot’ look, but he won’t actually say.

Anyone wish to offer an opinion?


2 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans – Inside Or Outside?

    • I stick them outside now, as my excuse for inside was they keep the bottoms dry and they don’t fit over my boots. But, it turns out, neither of those are actually a problem…

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