Massive Perfume Review!

The 8 perfumes I have looked at are –
Amor Amor Cacharel
Anais Anais Cacharel
Diamonds Emporio Armani
Orange Boss
Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel
Joy of Pink Lacoste
Nina Nina Ricci
Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci

Amor Amor I liked a lot, it reminded me of Loverdose by Diesel with fusions of jasmine and mandarin, with heaps of sandalwood and cedar. This can be easily worn all day and night long, team with a suit and you are superwoman!

Anais Anais is a good scent, with spoonfuls of various florals with blackcurrant, which reminds me of all the M&S perfume sets my gran has on her dressing table, so it’s audience is probably the Judi Dench / Julie Andrews wannabe.

I’m biased. This was is one of my true favourites ever, Diamonds by Armani. Bursting with berries and florals, with added vanilla and cedarwood. I can’t make a 30ml bottle last more than a week, I drench myself in it that much. Wear with anything, even pjs I think!

Orange by Boss is like a fruit salad and vanilla ice cream dessert. Peach, apple, plum, and orange with vanilla. A scent to wear with your pastel tea dress and leather hand bag, for spring and summer. For autumn and winter, it’s a scent for your tailored wool coat and pencil skirt and blouse.

I’m a big fan of the original Diesel Fuel For Life, so when I tried Fuel For Life Unlimited it was a pleasent surprise. It is a more dusky, masculine version of the original, with a stronger cinnamon aura. Again, like Armani Diamonds, wear with anything.

Joy Of Pink is the twin scent perhaps to Touch Of Pink by Lacoste. It has a mix of forest fruits and musk scents. Lacoste is the sports label powerhouse, they are to sportswear what the handbag is to Chanel. They own the sports throne.

Nina Ricci and Ricci Ricci I have sadly never contemplated, mainly because i’ve always preferred DKNY’s Be Delicious, fresh green apple, whereas the two Riccis are apple, but with added fruit touches and sandalwood. Wear these to a romantic date, a shopping spree with friends, or a day out in Wales or on the border.

Nearly all scents had either sandalwood or cedarwood as their basis. these are important ingredients, boosting the florals and the fruits. I adore perfume as Georgina will certainly confirm, having seen me many times getting giddy in the perfume section in Boots. It’s an important ingredient to an ly outfit and mood.

Lucy xx


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