A Tutor For W100

I had a quick nosey round the Open University site earlier. I’m waiting to see if I have been allocated a tutor for W100. Turns out I have HOORAY!

My tutorials start on February the 2nd, and there’s another on the 9th. They’re being held at Wolverhampton University. It’s got lots of buildings though, I wonder which one it’ll be held in? At least I can walk to this one from my house. Part of the reason I haven’t attended the tutorials for DD101 is because of distance, which cost between £6 and £8 depending on if they’re in Telford or Shrewsbury. I could go to the ones in Birmingham, but again, that’s about £4, and as i’m soon going to be laid off from work, even that will become unaffordable.

My next TMA (TMA04) is due a week tomorrow, so I think I should go and study now. This TMA isn’t holding my attention at all, something about comparing media something something.

At least I have done my tax return for my business though. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, as the advert says!


One thought on “A Tutor For W100

  1. Wahoo!! I’ve been assigned a tutor for DSE141 but don’t have any tutorial dates yet (other than a provisional one for April 6th), have not been assigned a tutor for DD131 (which is half of DD101)

    Am pretty sure my tutorials will be being held in Newcastle/Gateshead so it’s going to be about £7 for me to attend each one.

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