TMA01 Submitted, TMA05 Started

After rehearsal last week, I did indeed sit down and write up TMA01 for W100. I wish I hadn’t left it so damn long, but I was comfortable with the ‘write in your own words’, ‘answer these questions’ and ‘summarise’ format, along with the 900 word limit. I think I hit just over 850, so within the ten percent zone, and I completed it in under two hours. The subject was Section 6 of the colloquially named ‘Public Disorder Act’, collective trespass. A new thing for me, as I have never looked at trespass law. Never felt a need to, as trespass is like a weed in a garden. A weed is only a weed if you don’t want it there and it annoys you, and a person is also only a trespasser if they’re annoying you. I’m essentially trespassing on Asda properly every day, but as long as i’m not causing trouble, they seem to leave me alone. Yes, i’m crap at similies and metaphors.

Tonight, i’m starting TMA05 for DD101. It’s in the format of a report, on ‘the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk’. I have to start the reading, but i’m also planning as I go along. So I know what goes under each heading.


Sale Shopping

So I am now officially unemployed. I received my last lot of wages yesterday, including holiday pay owed to me (ten hours), and decided as a consolation prize, I would go shopping.

Initially, I was shopping for Lucy’s birthday present, a pair of lilac snakeskin ankle – breaking heels from Blue Banana, but they only had size 5 or size 8, so no luck. I tried on a corset top too, with a lovely blue water koi print on it, but there would be too many alterations needed to justify it.

After I went to the Jobcentre, for my obligatory sign – here – even – though – your – claim – isn’t – sorted – yet signing, I went back into town. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I ended up in Deichmann.

Where I bought these –


See the glitter?

These were £3.74. They had had a massive 75% off sale, and though there wasn’t much left, these were spiffing!

After that, I remembered I wanted to go to Primark for some leggings, as it was getting warmer and I like wearing shorts and leggings (though some friends don’t approve). That’s where I found these –


As you can see, these were also in a sale. For £3. Yes, they’re on a Graceland box. Only to add a bit of height to the photo so you see less of my manky, hand – me – down sofa.  Whilst in Primark, I also bought a top (no photo yet), and these trousers –


Bright blue skinnys WOO

I have quite a skinny jeans collection now, for someone who wasn’t sure on them in the first place.

So, that’s all the shopping i’m going to do for a while…

Beauty blogger burns her hair off – Fashion Videos – Telegraph

The perils of being a beauty blogger. Or, more accurately in this case, a vlogger. A mishap with some curling tongs leads to a teenager’s hair falling out, after she recommends you leave them to set the curl for twenty seconds.

TWENTY SECONDS!? I thought it was more like five…

Video embedded in link below

EDIT: I liked the poof of smoke bit best…

It’s Due In… TOMORROW?!

Ok, so I was looking through my assignments online, and thought ID read the date wrong. W100 TMA01 is due in on the 22nd!?

Oh gosh, I better get writing then! Thankfully, the combination of ‘Explain this in your own words’, ‘Answer these Questions’, and ‘Explain the powers to remove trespassers’, combined with a word count of 900 words makes this a very easy task. In fact, i’ve already done question one on paper.

So when I come back from band practice, I suppose i’ll be busy!

Brit Awards – Some Notes #BritAwards2013

James’ head looks a bit big in that suit.



Who is that Ben bloke?

Robbie Williams – good attempt at singing live. Liking the dancing tubamen.

I don’t like Rita Ora.

I used to fancy a bit of Justin Timberlake. Now I don’t.

His oversize bow tie is ace!

I don’t like Paloma Faith.

That Ben bloke won again. Is he the one from the hill in the Olympics?

Critic’s Choice award – it’ll either make you, or break you.

Fuck, they said One Direction. Shall I turn it over now? Or risk it?

My Twitter feed is showing a lot of James Corden intolerance. Why so? Ok, it turns out Smithy in Gavin And Stacey is just him NOT acting, but he isn’t on a par with Ricky Gervais, is he?

Sharon? Hmmmm.

Lana Del Rey? I had my money on Alicia Keys. I am SO 90’s… I should probably ‘get with it’, though Rhianna isn’t that bad, she could be second choice…

Fuck it’s One Direction and Comic Relief. Possibly two of the worst things ever. Murdering a perfectly GOOD song. Though I hear David Cameron is in the video?

Please finish please finish please finish.

I just mistook Smith for Spence…

British Live Act – Coldplay, Mumford, The Vaccines, THE STONES HELL YES, MUSE!!!!! Hmmm. Oh of course. The fashionista’s choice. I’m all vegan and shit. I actually like Coldplay, but I think Chris Martin is trying to be the next Bono. I despise Bono.

A friend just compared 1D to drunken children.

I approve of Daley and Ross. Not because I find them attractive. Well, Ross is better than Daley.

Underneath YOUR beautiful? I hope that really is wrong, I can’t stand grammar fuckups.

Go on, i’ll take Rizzle Kicks.

It was going to be Skyfall, wasn’t it?

Is that some kinda joke? Did he interrupt Adele last year? Was it HER?

Oh. Swift. I like the set and costumes. But not the E E E E E noise she makes. Hang on, is she wearing a toilet roll?

I looked down to get some M&M’s, looked up and she appears to have lost some of her ‘clothes’.

Robbie sounds like he is fucked off his face.

Someone take the echo delay off Dave’s mic.

What was this for? Oops.

So that Ben kid is a lefty. Kudos.

Jack White is so 2000s.

BUBLÉ? Serious?

Springsteen is my choice.

Meh. Ocean? He’s got an old look, an old sound, but i’m just not feeling it.

Genuinely didn’t know there was a charity element to The Brits.

I’m not feeling Mumford And Sons. Are any of them actually sons of another band member? He’s not pretty, nor does he have a pretty voice. Sadface.

Brian Ferry – a name I RECOGNISE!

Proper album of the year innit award – Sandé, nope. Plan B, maybe. Alt J, who? Paloma, no. Mumford, no. I own none of these albums though, so it’s just not aimed at me. I remember when good music won awards.

We’re back onto 1D are we?

This song is overplayed. I didn’t like it, then it grew on me. Now i’m sick of it again.

So that, in all, was a bit shit. I nearly dozed off. I’ll just wait for the K! awards instead. Stupid Brits.