Meetup In Wolves

Lucy and I met up in Wolves today for the first time since December! We planned to meet at two, but Lucy’s train had signalling problems around Wellington (I say it was probably stolen cables), and I had to go buy some electric (6 pence left on the meter, all the emergency used up), so we were both a few minutes late. We met at Beattie’s clock, which is a clock on an island outside a department store now bought out by House of Fraser.

We went into Costa (I have a points card), and both got lattes YUM and Lucy gave me my birthday present. HOUSE!


House, every season EVARRRR

We had a bit of rude and lewd conversation, as usual, about nothing in particular, talked about Michael J. Fox, Dick Van Dyke and Lucy’s nan, then we decided to move round the corner for food.

SUBWAY (I have a card)!

Then we went round town, and Lucy was umm-ing and argh-ing over what new handbag to get (not my area).

Back to River Island, to look again at said bags, she gave me a choice. I told her to buy this one –


As you can tell, by the evening we resigned ourselves to the pub. Hog’s Head being pub of choice, a callback to uni days.

And here’s what I drank.


That’s Goldschlager and Red Bull, with a side of Toffee Apple cider.

Then we went to Asda. For mini cheddars and hummus.

That’s my autocorrect, I like to spell it hommous. But hey.


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