Dresses You CAN Wear All Year Round

My chest of drawers consists of shift dresses (smart dresses as some High Street shops like to name them now), compiled into sections – top draw for current weather / season, and bottom draw for next weather / season.

Currently, due to the great British climate, i’m wearing my dresses with medium denier tights, my legs are warm and not cold like my mum constantly keeps going on about. If I was wearing natural tan tights, then yes, i’d agree, but seriously, i’m wearing like a mini knitted cardigan, but with sleeves for my legs instead of my arms…

Shift dresses are the perfect tailored dress to me, because one dress can easily carry you from one event to another, they can cross all style borders, smart/casual and smart/occasion. My collection of dresses do this for me, I easily pick a pair of my shoes and choose which tight denier is appropriate. Simples.

I get my shift dresses from a number of shops, mainly Debenhams and House Of Fraser. I can get all my favourite brands in one go, and also pop into River Island and Miss Selfridge, whichever is next door.

These dresses i’ve so got my eye on, come the summer sales i’ll be heading to straight to my nearest, biggest House of Fraser.






After I get all my shift/smart/day dresses I need, i’ll head to Coast, my favourite brand for occasion wear,

Lucy xx


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