Sale Shopping

So I am now officially unemployed. I received my last lot of wages yesterday, including holiday pay owed to me (ten hours), and decided as a consolation prize, I would go shopping.

Initially, I was shopping for Lucy’s birthday present, a pair of lilac snakeskin ankle – breaking heels from Blue Banana, but they only had size 5 or size 8, so no luck. I tried on a corset top too, with a lovely blue water koi print on it, but there would be too many alterations needed to justify it.

After I went to the Jobcentre, for my obligatory sign – here – even – though – your – claim – isn’t – sorted – yet signing, I went back into town. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I ended up in Deichmann.

Where I bought these –


See the glitter?

These were £3.74. They had had a massive 75% off sale, and though there wasn’t much left, these were spiffing!

After that, I remembered I wanted to go to Primark for some leggings, as it was getting warmer and I like wearing shorts and leggings (though some friends don’t approve). That’s where I found these –


As you can see, these were also in a sale. For £3. Yes, they’re on a Graceland box. Only to add a bit of height to the photo so you see less of my manky, hand – me – down sofa.  Whilst in Primark, I also bought a top (no photo yet), and these trousers –


Bright blue skinnys WOO

I have quite a skinny jeans collection now, for someone who wasn’t sure on them in the first place.

So, that’s all the shopping i’m going to do for a while…


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