Adult Education Services – Wolverhampton

As I may have mentioned (I don’t remember…) I now find myself unemployed. And to go with this most recent stint of unemployment, I am again looking through the Adult Education Services course guide, for something to fill my time. What shall I study this time?

Last week, during half term, I called up about two courses, one for teaching assistant training, and one labelled ‘Preparing To Teach In The Lifelong Learning Sector’. The woman said she would get somebody to call me back on the Monday, but nobody did. So on Tuesday, I phoned them back, and after being sent back and forth, I eventually got to speak to somebody who could help me. However, she was busy, so she said she would phone back.

By the time she did, I was halfway round Asda. I cocked it up completely, both the phonecall and the shopping. I had picked up two of everything, and the woman was not convinced I was sure I wanted to do the course. Despite telling her I was already doing a degree through the OU, she told me I should probably do a degree. Thanks.

I want to do a TESOL (teaching English to people as a second language) course. There is one at the AES, but the intensive course would probably not be allowed by the Jobcentre, as it is more than twelve hours of study a week. Though the course only lasts two months, this would ‘interfere with my ability to find a job’. So that is probably a no – go. They have a less intensive course, but I have no idea what night that is on. Hmph.


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