Teaching Assistant Course

I was promised a callback about the courses at the AES. And yes, I did get one in the middle of Asda about the ‘Lifelong Learning Sector’ course. Today (being Friday, even though i’m writing this early Saturday morning), however, I received a phonecall about the OTHER course, the teaching assistant training one! I didn’t expect to get another call!

I’d had quite a restless night. The second night in a row, in fact. I was half asleep when the course leader called me at about 2pm. She said it had been requested of her to call me, and I explained the previous phonecall, and said the woman wasn’t convinced of my commitment to the course. I also explained that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to teach. She informed me that she didn’t know anything of the previous phonecall, and I didnt need to pick a specific subject. So the call carried on.

I said I wasn’t sure if the Jobcentre would let me do the course, as it included a day out each week on placement. She said there were other people on JSA and that it would not be a problem! So, after taking down some info, my age and qualifications, she said that I could do it, and that to start in May or September, I would have to find myself a placement. She asked what experience I had, so I told her of my school work experience (over ten years ago), in a mainstream and a SEN school, and of my time at a SEN school during my time at University. She asked if this was something I wished to specialise in. I can have a speciality? Cool!

When I got off the phone, I called a few local SEN schools, and all but one asked me to send in a CV and cover letter. The remaining one said the person in charge of assistants and student teachers would call me. She is in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So I will hopefully get a call back Monday! Hooray!


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