Teaching Assistant – Challenge Accepted!

So I received a phonecall saying I had been accepted onto the teaching assistant course, I just had to wait for the letter.

Well, here it is. It came this week. SEE YOU THERE!


Yellow paper, eugh.


TMA03 Submitted – Word Count Hit!

I managed to get the TMA sent off! Yes, it is already Friday morning (isn’t it always), but the cut-off is midday, so i’m ok!

I received a reply to the email. I can’t get away with a technicality. I can’t do less on the plan, it IS a word count that I have to hit. I managed to pad it out fine, so great! I feel ok with the essay, but not so much the plan. Let’s see how it goes…

500 Words For An Essay Plan? Are You Kidding?

I’ve started, and mostly completed, TMA03 for W100.  I got a bit befuddled with the question before i’d looked properly, it’s an ‘explore this statement’ question.  Said statement is ‘A person commits a crime only if they have the relevant criminal state of mind at the time of committing the criminal act’.  I’ve done 280 of the 500 word limit for the essay plan, and 720 ish of the 1000 word limit for exploring the statement.

The thing is – how do you make an essay plan that is HALF of that of the essay itself? 

I’m struggling to pad it out.  I’ve tried and tried.  It’s resulted in an email being sent to my tutor asking if i’ll actually be penalised for not hitting the limit, as the assessment booklet says ‘maximum word count’. So can I do less?

I’m waiting for a reply, and i’ll finish my essay when I get one. And send it off tomorrow night after rehearsal.

Block Two – Legal Personality

TMA03 for W100 is due in this week, on Friday. I’m about 35 pages into Block Two, which is about a third of the way through. I was working on it earlier, but I got a mahoosive headache and had to stop. I ended up falling asleep for a few hours, missing the first half of the gypsy wedding programme on Channel 4.

It’s very interesting, this block. All about when life starts and ends in the eyes of the law. I think that’s what the essay is about. I’m pretty sure. I know I have to do a plan too, which is included in the word count.

I have sorted my course out, i’m officially on the LLB course now. I’m a bit miffed I can’t actually do the Greek or Latin module I wanted to do, but there’s other options. Many other options. I’ve also been accepted onto the teaching assistant course, just waiting for the letter. It starts at the start of May. I have to sort out my placement, which I shall do this week, now Easter is over. All is good.

Slight Change Of Course… But Not Direction

I had my think. A long think. Last night and the night before. And so i’ve decided to change to a Law LLB degree.

I sent the email last night to request a change. Then I remembered how they still haven’t got back to me about the email I sent last week. Was it last week? I appreciate it’s Easter… So I phoned them. And it’s sorted.

I have chosen the broad pathway, which means I get free choice of modules at the start of my degree. I wanted to do ‘Reading Classical Greek’, but I’d have to wait until February (I think) for it to start, as I have to pass 60 credits at level one before I can do a level two module. I’ve LITERALLY just, as i’m writing this, had a brainwave though. If I do W100, that ends in September / October, and then pick up a 30 credit module in October, I can do the Greek module in February, without a gap in studies! Hm, i’ll have to look into that.

I’ve withdrawn from DD101,  as I do not want this as my free choice. It’s a damn boring module, but as they keep telling me, it’s meant to be general. I don’t like it. By withdrawing, they keep my student loan from it, and offer me 90% off another module. Which is better value than any other withdrawal. I’d expected to have to pay 75% of the module costs at this stage. But no! Only the ten percent.

I’m happy to be on the LLB, but again, I feel i’ve wasted time by being on the other one. Damnit.


So i’ve got TMA02 marked and returned. I’ve found that there’s a second part to the TMA marking though, a whole filled – out form done by my tutor, a more in depth analysis!

So I checked my mark first. It was VERY GOOD, especially for something I was a bit worried about. Then I checked TMA01 for the additional information, and then TMA02. Very useful, and it seems my tutor really likes my ‘linking sentences’! Well, I didn’t know that’s how I wrote, it just happens like that! Glad it’s good though…

Tiny Update, Nothing Significant

Just a bit of an update here.

I’ve emailed the learner support team to see if they received my email. I received an email back assuring me it had been received, and was being dealt with by the right people.

And on Wednesday, I received an email fro my tutor, checking that he had indeed responded to my email about the report.

I wished him a happy Easter.