Ursula v. De Vil

Tons of millions of people around the world collect Star Trek and Star Wars products to keep mint in box.

I recently (last year) started to collect mint in box Disney princess dolls.  Specifically, my favorite Disney films.  I’m not really bothered about Cinderella and Pocahontas, more the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.  I also quite like Mulan and the Frog Princess.

I already have Ariel, Prince Eric And King Triton, so all I need is Ursula the sea witch to complete my Little Mermaid collection.  However, my mum says I shouldn’t get Ursula because ‘she’s horrible’, and said I should get Cruella De Vil instead!  In response I said –

You want me to get a dog killer over a sea witch?!?!?

It doesn’t really matter, Ursula wins.  Next time I go to Chester, i’m getting Ursula. End of.

And maybe Li Shang from Mulan, because I got Mulan for my birthday along with King Triton.  I’m going to need a big wide shelf soon!

View 411041847545.jpeg in slide show View 416051885990gh.jpeg in slide show

Lucy xx


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