Night At The Museum – With My Mum

Me: That monkey in Night at Museum is so cute!

Mum: Awwww yeah (Grinning like Ian Hislop).

Me: alright calm down, it’s not pet rescue!

In the scene, the monkey slaps Ben Stiller, and in return, Stiller slaps the monkey.

Mum: OMG did he just do that to that innocent monkey?

Me: It’s computer animation… (while looking like Angus Deayton)

Mum: Bet it’s not, it’s too real!

Me: It’s computer animation, and I highly doubt Ben Stiller is going to actually slap a monkey!!!!!

Mum: Poor thing…

Me: Mum, computer animation is really advanced, look at avatar for heavens sake! Even though gran DID think Avatar was people covered in blue paint … and thought of all the cleansing wipes they would had to have used.

Film credits now roll up.

Mum: Americans have unusual names dont they?

Me: Yeah, suppose, yeah.

Mum: Awww someone’s called Fawn, what a lovely name! When you have a girl call it that!

Me: OK, i’ll jot that down for when im in labour in the FAR FAR FAR future, i’ll tell my husband that I picked my baby’s name when watching the end credits of Night at the Museum. It’s a tradition to watch film credits and pick names you would like to consider.


George’s note – she knows someone who would name their child Leif, after a Ninja Turtle voice actor. It does happen.


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