Eurovision Time!

Tonight is Eurovision.

With the exception of reading tweets from my friend Tim B, who is a ‘reality TV trader’, I tend to keep away from the run up to Eurovision.  I like the ‘newness’ of watching and hearing the songs for the first time.  It also takes away that thing of the more you hear a song, the more you like it.

Or hate it, it goes both ways.

Tonight, I shall be watching along with my friends. This happens every year.  We haven’t made it a meetup event for a long time, with one thing or another.  This year, I appear to have flu in May.  God knows how.  But people will be on Facebook, Twitter and text so we can slate people to our heart’s content.

Lucy will be on text, Mr S will be on Twitter, as i’m sure a few others will, and Magda will be on Facebook.  Maybe this year, I won’t have to unfriend some idiot for moaning about my updates and statuses, even though they do it every year for X Factor.  And Britain’s Got Talent.  And that other one.

Apparently, that’s OK though.



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