Review – Elegant Touch Limited Edition Union Jack Nails – Funky Betty

Here’s my nails from last Wednesday –


I can’t wear a whole set of false nails.  It makes my nails feel like they are being pulled off upwards.  It doesn’t matter how they are put on, what brand, glue, sticky tabs, anything, they all feel slightly painful to wear.  They are also a bit of a novelty for me, as I was a horrible, compulsive, persistent nail biter until some time last year.  I still bite my nails, but between stretches of non – biting.  I tend to put one on, having never worn a whole set for longer than half an hour.  It’s a bit different…

So, I spotted these false nails in my local Discount UK (as ever… did you expect it to be Boots?), I thought 99p wasn’t too much to splash out on them.


These Elegant Touch false nails are meant to be a limited edition range of Union Jack designs, this one being called Funky Betty.  The exact design can be purchased from Paint Nails for £3.03, down from £7.10.  The original Union Jack design can be purchased from Boots for £6.45.  Ninety nine pence.  Not bad, eh?  The box comes with 24 nails, of nine different sizes, and a tube of ‘pink gel glue’.  It just smelt like normal nail glue.  Supergluey.  The pink was a tint more than anything.  According to their length guide, which consists of five different sizes, these are the second shortest ones, ‘short’ length nails.

I put one on Tuesday evening.  The photo above was Wednesday morning on the way to college.  I’d managed to keep it on overnight!  The varnish i’m wearing with it is Rimmel Lasting Finish No. 500, Disco Ball.  I like clear glitter varnish, it doesn’t show the chips quite as badly.

I kept the nail on until Thursday night, when after going to band practice, the pub, and carrying a bass to and from Birmingham on public transport, it weakened at the sides and started to make crackly noises.  I took it off to replace it later.  The glue had held well, I think.  I don’t know how long these things are meant to last, but I think it did good.

I did put another one on, but I don’t think I used enough glue.  It fell off within a day.  I think I need to get the knack of it.

I love them.  I think I need to buy a few more, because this could become a fun new obsession! I’m not sure if I would spend £7 on them, but for a few quid spare change, they are well worth it. People at college even noticed!


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