The Chase – Series Seven Auditions

This isn’t something i’ve necessarily been keeping a secret, but it is something that not everybody knows about.  Today I went to audition for the game show, The Chase.

For those of you not up on daytime TV (because you have a job or a life, for example), The Chase is an individual and team based general knowledge game show where you answer some questions in a set time, and every question you get right is worth £1000.  Then, the ‘Chaser’, a professional quizzer, comes in,  They offer you more money, but you get take a metaphorical step closer to them, or less money to take that step further away.  Next, you answer questions with three options in a race against the Chaser, where you try not to get questions wrong and therefore giving them chances to catch up.  If they don’t catch up to you, the money goes  into the communal pot and you get to play in the final round.  Each player in the team of four does this with varying degrees of success, until the final round, where you answer as many questions right between you to get as many steps as you can.  The Chaser than tries to catch up with you by answering questions too.  If they don’t, you win.

I went to Birmingham Mailbox for my audition.  There’s not much I can really disclose about it without giving away the questions to future auditionees (which I had to say I would not do!), but I can confirm I did not get through.  I think this was mostly down to giving a COMPLETELY inappropriate example of an Enid Blyton book, but our team did great in the example end chase, getting 27  steps.  In the recorded show, 20 is good!  A woman from my team got through, and the other seven of us didn’t.  One woman on my team had been on another show and was on the waiting list for Deal Or No Deal.  There’s a waiting list :O

It was a lovely sunny day, and I met a nice friend.  It would have been better if I had got through, but I didn’t.  But it was an experience.

Thankyou to @godlesssmeghead , if he hadn’t said he was auditioning, I would have missed out on the opportunity to try.




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