Simple Stroll Through Shrewsbury

Yesterday, I walked from Shrewsbury train station to my home in Bayston Hill, which is a good hour and half walk.

I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It struck me that it is a great way to sight-see (yes, I probably sound like a presenter from a holiday show from back in the day).   I am lucky, Shrewsbury is a combination of old and new, constructed well.  Walk past some modern buildings for shops and homes, and before you know it you walk into a row of houses that could easily fit into Last Of The Summer Wine, or into the Beatrix Potter film set.
My favorite bit was walking past an old Victorian – era school that still draws enormous enrolment, and it reminded me of Heywood Park School, the first school I ever attended.
I wish i’d taken pics, but my battery was low from listening to Nina (Simone), Ella (Fitzgerald) and Louis (Armstrong) on my playlist.  Yes, I was singing out loud to Summertime, the stunning duet by Louis and Ella  (download it now – you will never ever ever tire of it) walking through Belle Vue.
This gave me artistic inspiration, and I plan to walk the same way tomorrow on my day off, but take pics in negative mode.  I want to see how vibrant it be and take avant – garde shots, as well make believe I am Shrewsbury’s answer to Andy Warhol!
I’ll be doing this in my summer dresses and denim jacket because summer is finally here!  Get your dresses and ya legs out and confidently parade down any pavement and pretend you are in your favorite film!
I may do the Sound Of Music, due to the stunning park in Shrewsbury.  The Quarry has a similar runway to when Julie Andrews runs up that hill.
Lucy xxx

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