My Summer List

Now that summer is embracing us, I thought i’d share with you my list i’m determined to do over the summer period.

1.) To be a reclusive reader more often and indulge again in my vast book collection.  For instance, The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu is one that I enormously recommend.  I promised myself I would re – read all my Helen Dunmore books like Morning Ruby, and I have already broken that promise twice over the last couple of months.  Maybe read my mum’s books that are that bricks of literature, thick and hard, full of emotion, I am especially caught by her Phillipa Gregory literary entourage and Elizabeth Chadwick posse.
2.) Draw more, more, and further more, either in the mornings before I set off on the pale pavement to work or afterwards for a few hours.  It’s the most therapeutic activity (second after cross-stitching) that emphasises my creative formula, bringing together odd and radical objects.  To just sketch and see where it leads me, or go to Shrewsbury library to get inspiration from the non – fiction section on subjects such as mechanics to famous places and statues.
3.) To get my vast number of favorite shoes reheeled!!!!!  MUST DO!!!  I hate when an adored fave pair gets scratched, or the tap (yes, tap, not tip – the tip is the TOP!) of the heel is turning diagonal.  I must go to the different shoe cobblers in Shrewsbury and get quotes on how much it will cost.  I hereby promise myself to have my gorgeous shoes reheeled by end of summer.  Furthermore, I will give them a spring clean with cleaning wipes or similar to make them glisten once more.
4.) Go out more, and not let being in work the next day put me off!  I wanna party, and party with a cocktail in each hand wearing a dynamite dress.
5.) Empty out my money pot of change each month for my ISA.
6.) Stay on top of my avante – garde chic style, on my days off wear a outfit that makes me stand out for individual style, showcase each of my dresses each day.
7.) Invest in evening bags, I realised I have not many compared to my vast day collection.
8.) Walk up Lyth Hill more – man its a work out, trust me!
Lucy xxx

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