Poodles and Pompadours Vintage Dog Grooming Salon – Help @poodlepompadour Crowdfund!

This.is my Twitter friend –


And this is her Crowdfunder – Poodles And Pompadours

Please consider helping Hayley. She really deserves it. She suffers from an anxiety disorder, that was once so bad she didn’t leave her house. Instead of doing nothing, however, she started a small business making and selling jewellery. This grew, and grew, I think she even won an award for it. Recently, she started a new business selling funky retro, pin-up styled dog gear, bandanas and painted ceramic bowls.

The plan is to expand this into something she will take out of the house – dog grooming 😀 The catch is, Hayley needs the monies to fund the course to become accredited.

By supporting this, you are not only funding a business – you are creating one. You are supporting a person who could so easily sit on her bum like other people who say ‘I can’t’. You are funding a qualification which can be used elsewhere as well as her own business, and you are also providing a form of HELP. You are helping someone get over an illness.

She only has ten days left, and if she doesn’t reach target, she gets nothing.

Help Hayley and her adorable dogs!



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