Weekend: Cancelled

For the past few weeks I have been telling people I have a stall in Dudley this coming Sunday. The email for it came through around the start of June. It was an offer of a free stall for anyone who participated in the Love Your Local Market event.

I heard nothing for weeks. I mean, weeks. Over a fortnight. So I emailed, as you do.

I informed my volunteer family that I would probably not be able to make Sunday, and after trying to figure out all alternatives, including going up at six in the evening, we decided to miss this week. Which is hard to tell an Aspie child.

Today, I received an email saying it was cancelled. The email was a forward of one that had been sent to everyone else on June 20th. A week and a half ago. Thanks for that. The woman thinks she ‘missed me off the list’ and so ‘forgot’ to send it to me.

The child I help doesn’t like change, so calling them up now and saying the weekend is back ON is disruptive. Also, if I booked one for next weekend, that’s also pretty unacceptable. So thanks a lot, you have fucked up my entire fortnight from your bad planning, Dudley Council.



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