Health Kick? Nah.

From the outside, it may seem I am on a health kick. I’ve started swimming again. Ive been three times now, even if one of those times was whilst volunteering. I’ve also started eating Quorn.

Yeah, Quorn is hardly healthy. I read the label, I could eat healthier stuff. And i’ve become a tad obsessed with cheese. The reasoning beyond the Quorn is that I really wanted to eat some chicken. Like, really really. I weighed it up, fresh and frozen, and then looked at the pretend meat section. It’s actually cheaper to buy Quorn.

And swimming? Well, it’s damn fun. And, please, no grief off people who real life know me, but i’m not the fittest person. Fitness isn’t related to size, dearies.

It goes along with the whole ‘accidentally quitting smoking’ thing too.



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