Faux Fur Deluxe

This coat.


This is the coat i’ve had my eye on for ages and ages and ages.  I like the style, the fabric used, and the composition of the coat.  Yes, it’s from River Island, a favorite of mine. 

I get paid a week tomorrow, and i’m going to try and buy online for fashion.  I’ve done it before for books, but never had the guts to do it for clothes, just because.  My mum, looking over my shoulder saw it, and immediately began a faux fur speech that Churchill or Martin Luther King would be proud of, whereas I immediately began thinking of what dresses I can wear it, with which shoes it partners with, and also what bags.

It’s a gorgeous faux fur coat that can last me for now and for future Autumn/Winter seasons as well.  It is a smart navy as well, a bonus, lighter than black and more sophisticated I think than colour spectrum or greys, whites, or khaki. 

This coat is a everlasting coat.  It says faux fur on tjlhe label.  I’ve done my research, and i’m fully satisfied it is faux fur.  I’m purchasing this piece and will walk through the Quarry listening to Snow Patrol 😉 



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