Hair Update – School Hair

I’m back at school.  As a teaching assistant.  I went back last week and everything about me seemed to fascinate the children.  My tunnel, my hair, my nails.

So I thought i’d add to it.  I bought a bow with cats on it.




#NOTD Fits The Weather

These are my nails for tomorrow.  I’m sure after a day with my class of kids, they’ll be completely trashed.


Base colour – MUA in Koala Bear

Top coat – Barry M Confetti in Sour Apple

Decal from YRNails – it’s a zombie cat!


#RBGF The Perils Of Living Away From The Home Stand

Today has been an emotional day for me.  Not your traditional type of emotional day though.

Today was the day that the football team I support played the team of the city I live in.

This has never happened before for a league game.  Wolves got awfully relegated last year to the lowest i’d ever seen them, and this gave me a chance to do some manly bonding with friends in that lovely mocking way, as Wolves played away to Shrewsbury.  How unladylike 😀

I can’t travel to see Shrewsbury play any more. It’s very expensive to catch a train from Wolverhampton whilst on a low income.  I haven’t seen them since they had the playoffs for promotion at Stoke’s ground, probanly ten years or so ago.  I rely on Twitter and Facebook, as I did today.  Except today was different.

Today, I was being fed news from the AWAY fans.  I only know one other Shrewsbury fan.  With Brits being gluttons for punishment, most of my friends grew up as Telford fans.  Or glory hunters.  You know the type.

I was robbed for my team supporting Stonewall’s #RBGF, footballers wearing rainbow laces in support of gay footballers.  I question why Wolves didn’t.  I hear that a statement released what that they are supporting the anti – racism in football movement.  Maybe they think this covers them?

It seemed a pleasant game.  That was, until a handball was called and a red card given.  Facebook suddenly looked confused.  Why so harsh a penalty?  This was later cleared up on Twitter. 

Shrewsbury lost.  I’m used to it.  I’m glad we only conceded one goal though, as some Wolves fans still seem to be convinced they are worthy of a Premiership place.  They need to see that even though they’re not that shit, they’re also just not that good 🙂


How To Be Blindsighted By Positivity

When I first went into the business of self employment, I didn’t think it would necessarily be easy, but I did expect to make some sales.  Now, two years in, I am happy if I get an extra like on the Facebook page or an extra hit on the Tictail.  Sales are mostly a pipe dream.

I started out with aspirations of becoming a wedding dress designer.  I had designed a load, and even made one.  I made another.  I had a photoshoot with some friends.  I got a broken toe in the process. 

Then it stopped.

I tried marketing, online stuff and in the directories.  I couldn’t afford to do fayres with no money coming in.  I even had a go at organising my own wedding fayre.  It was a drizzly day when it finally came round, and i’d had problems with both non – payment and table suppliers cancelling.  I was accused of not advertising, not making banners, not doing this and that, and I had pretty much given up before it had started.  The tables were cheap compared to the usual cost, yet I was threatened with legal proceedings for the matter of £35.

It all died down, I stopped being self employed and once again became unemployed.  It was one of the worst experiences of my life that was of my own making, having to give up the dream and work for someone else.  Except that didn’t really happen either.

I’ve picked it back up again, but on a much smaller scale.  I can’t afford to make the wedding dresses, and a lot of the jewellery I have made was made during my seasonal work.  When I make a sale, I buy new stock.  I have done an Indiegogo to raise money for new stock, and that was quite successful.  Only one pledge is still to be fulfilled.

I’m always beong moaned at for being negative.  The fact is, when something is my choice, I can be massively positive and enthusiastic.  And it usually comes back to bite me in the arse.  My insolvency is proof of that.  I’m not bankrupt, by any means, but I was seriously considering it this time last year.

I guess the moral is – go for it, but it doesn’t always go the way you want.  Keep that in mind.


Memories, And How They Lie

Why is it, some people remember things one way, and others another?  You remember someone saying something to you, and the other person swears blind they said something different?

This really, REALLY annoys me.  It’s either going to make me look like a liar, or as if i’m crazy.  Do you want to tell me which?  Oh, now you’ll say you’re not calling me a liar.  What, i’m merely mistaken?  No.  We had a whole conversation.  So that leaves crazy.

Stop calling me mentally ill.  I did not hold a whole converstaion with myself when you were preoccupied with some other shit and told me the wrong information with additional information.

You’re wrong.  You’re also either lying about remembering to cover up the fact you didn’t tell me the new information, or you’re memory is that bad you need to see a doctor.


Hair Update – Rant Included

I’m sure if you dye or bleach your hair regularly, say, bi – monthly of the every other month variety, you would have heard at least once the helpful friend utter THIS –

‘You should stop dyeing your hair, it’ll all fall out!’

Now, I appreciate that may have happened to you, or a friend.  You may have had the unfortunate experience of dyeing your hair green with a box bleach.  The truth is, the worst I have ever had is when I bleached my hair and took it off too soon.  Aside from the time where I went swimming in a warm brine pool and it went really stretchy.  I have been dyeing my hair by my own hand for over ten years now, only once in a hairdressers.  I also worked in a hairdressers.  MY HAIR IS FINE.

Hair was a topic of conversation on Twitter recently.  A few of us realised we were kindred spirits, in that our hair either did not style, or could be abused to high hell and would not fall out.  Talk of 200 degree straighteners.  Hair that does not bleach.  Styles that fall out after an hour.

We are not like you.

Here is my hair update.

Renbow Capri Blue on previously bleached hair.