Memories, And How They Lie

Why is it, some people remember things one way, and others another?  You remember someone saying something to you, and the other person swears blind they said something different?

This really, REALLY annoys me.  It’s either going to make me look like a liar, or as if i’m crazy.  Do you want to tell me which?  Oh, now you’ll say you’re not calling me a liar.  What, i’m merely mistaken?  No.  We had a whole conversation.  So that leaves crazy.

Stop calling me mentally ill.  I did not hold a whole converstaion with myself when you were preoccupied with some other shit and told me the wrong information with additional information.

You’re wrong.  You’re also either lying about remembering to cover up the fact you didn’t tell me the new information, or you’re memory is that bad you need to see a doctor.



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