#RBGF The Perils Of Living Away From The Home Stand

Today has been an emotional day for me.  Not your traditional type of emotional day though.

Today was the day that the football team I support played the team of the city I live in.

This has never happened before for a league game.  Wolves got awfully relegated last year to the lowest i’d ever seen them, and this gave me a chance to do some manly bonding with friends in that lovely mocking way, as Wolves played away to Shrewsbury.  How unladylike 😀

I can’t travel to see Shrewsbury play any more. It’s very expensive to catch a train from Wolverhampton whilst on a low income.  I haven’t seen them since they had the playoffs for promotion at Stoke’s ground, probanly ten years or so ago.  I rely on Twitter and Facebook, as I did today.  Except today was different.

Today, I was being fed news from the AWAY fans.  I only know one other Shrewsbury fan.  With Brits being gluttons for punishment, most of my friends grew up as Telford fans.  Or glory hunters.  You know the type.

I was robbed for my team supporting Stonewall’s #RBGF, footballers wearing rainbow laces in support of gay footballers.  I question why Wolves didn’t.  I hear that a statement released what that they are supporting the anti – racism in football movement.  Maybe they think this covers them?

It seemed a pleasant game.  That was, until a handball was called and a red card given.  Facebook suddenly looked confused.  Why so harsh a penalty?  This was later cleared up on Twitter. 

Shrewsbury lost.  I’m used to it.  I’m glad we only conceded one goal though, as some Wolves fans still seem to be convinced they are worthy of a Premiership place.  They need to see that even though they’re not that shit, they’re also just not that good 🙂



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