Volcano Mask (Poundland)

Today, I tried one of these –


I got these, and two tea tree masks, all for a pound in Poundland. It was a cheap, fun, impulse buy.

I opened one of the capsule – like containers and started to put it on. It instantly heated up… and then stopped. It cooled again. Half of my face was cold as I continued to apply the rest of the clay mask to my other cheek and forehead area.

It said to leave it on for a minute, so I followed the instructions and removed it fairly quick after applying and the subsequent cooling.

This was over twelve hours ago now, and all that’s really happened is that two very small spots have come out on my chin. My skin felt nice straight after removal and cleansing, but it didn’t really last. It doesn’t feel like it has done anything at all.

I hope the tea tree masks (or were they green tea? I’m doubting myself now!) are better, but for the equivalent of 25p it made my face warm for a bit. Maybe i’ll keep the other one for when I run out of electric and have no heating!


Parcel Swap Delivery

I love swapping!


I’m sorry for the awful picture 😦

I received a parcel yesterday. I swapped all of this for some handmade jewellery with a girl in a makeup group on Facebook. I am giving some of it away to another friend, but when I get round to using what is left, i’ll have plenty for reviews!

Maybe we could get Lucy in some too…


Skincare Routine


A skincare routine is still a novel thing for me. I’ve been a ‘wash my face in the shower’ kinda girl for years, partly due to a lack of money, a little to do with not knowing, and a lot to do with hatred for cheap, smeary, sweaty moisturisers.

Recently, though, this has changed. I can’t go into my thirties with the same routine I had when I was five. So i’ve tried a few things, and heard a lot more, and when this was in Asda for 50p, I had to take the chance –


Witch Anti – Blemish Beauty Balm (BBcream).

I love it. It doesn’t make me look orange. It covers up the uneven bits of my face without completely wiping out all contours or making me look like i’m a plastic doll. It moisturises, and other than the time I used the pawpaw peel – off mask, this has stood all tests for about a month now.

Except for when it’s really hot and i’m wearing my glasses. Sometimes it causes the bridge of my glasses to have a smear of colour.

In addition to this, picked this up for £3 –


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I’m not sure if it’s meant to foam. Sometimes it feels like it does, most of the time it doesn’t. I heard about micellar water over a year ago, but it was being made by really expensive brands. This was on offer, as per my usual decision making requirement.

It’s supposed to be good for 200 uses. I’ve been using it twice a day, morning and night, and i’d say i’ve used it probably 50 times or so. I’m probably a third of the way through it. Sometimes I know i’m using too much though, and spilling a bit down the sink. I should probably be more careful!

So that’s my VERY simple routine. It works for now, bit i’ll probably have to find something new when the Witch runs out. I think it is being discontinued.