International Swap – Krissy

Something I love doing is receiving gifts and packages from far – flung places. I like to find new things, or specifically request hard to find things or discontinued products.

This week, I received this parcel from America –


I had arranged a swap with someone called Krissy in the USA. The budget was $40, or £25.

Krissy wanted some football shirts, so I sent her a Celtic shirt, some England shirts, a Liverpool tee, a hat that I think was Manchester Utd. and some pens with Chelsea branding on them. I also included some prok scratchings and kinder egg chocolate – not the egg, the small bars.

As this was a swap with specific requests, in return I had asked for some NASCar tshirts. We don’t get NASCar tshirts in the UK. We don’t even get NASCar on television any more!


This was inside my package –


FOUR! I got FOUR tshirts! I couldn’t have done that myself for the budget, even with the amount I paid on top for shipping, I would have had to have paid around $100 the last time I checked out the NASCar store.

I also received some sweets –


Yum! Never had candy corn before. They taste like fudge.


We have Werther’s. Not this flavour though. They weren’t amazing, but theu were nice, a few at a time.

I aldo received some Hallowe’en themed chocolate that I neglected to photograph.

In all, though only my second swap with this Facebook group, it has been my best swap so far. I love my tees. Thanks Krissy!



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