Another Parcel From Kitty

So, last week I received another parcel from Kitty. It arrived on the 8th, but I haven’t been able to blog about it properly until today as work, study, and life just seems to have taken me over this week.

I had bought some of Kitty’s unwanted Memebox items off her. If you don’t know what Memebox is, go clicky linky and take a look. It’s like a non – subscription form of a subscription box from Korea, and it usually contains the most adorable things you could imagine. Or, just really useful stuff. Go look!

I did not photo the outside of the packaging. Nobody needs to know my address. But this was the box inside –


One of her repurposed Memeboxes 😀

I had bought a few things, maybe six, seven things, so when I opened the box –


– it looked pretty full!

I have seen a lot of people talk about these Shara Shara sheet masks, so I am excited to try one. It was a nice surprise as I hadn’t bought one from her!


There are sheet masks, a clay mask, eye creams, a lip tint, lip essences, eyeliners, a primer, more eyeliner, a small roller of perfume, and some miniatures.

I had asked for the perfume for Lucy’s Christmas present, but I gave it to her Wednesday in Maccys. Because.

I hope to review almost all of these, so there’s plenty more posts to come! Oh dear! I’m getting a few too many lip products now!

Hopefully Lucy will review her perfume, when she isn’t busy setting up her amazing new cross stitch chart business. We are both businesswomen now!



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