International Swap – Bakhtawar

I completed another swap a few weeks ago, with Bakhtawar 😆 she lives in Lahore, so it was going to be a very exciting swap!

There was a lot of stress around this swap. Royal Mail would only track on the UK side of the swap, and wanted £5 for the privilege, so I decided not to track. The Pakistan post office would track it, but their tracking site went down two or three times a week. On top of this, religious holidays and weekends slowed down delivery, and one parcel spent ages at the airport waiting to go.

The day B’s parcel was supposed to arrive at my house, the delivery driver didn’t knock the door, so the parcel did not arrive. I got home from work and found a card on the hall floor saying delivery had been attempted, but the person who was home had not heard any knocking. It would be at the post office the following day for me to pick up.

Iphoned up the courier and tried to get them to turn the driver round. They have done it before, but not on this occasion. I was due bck in work at 4pm, so I took a chance and went to the post office at 3pm to see if the driver had dropped the parcel off at the end of his round.

Luckily, it was there!

So I took my parcel to work, and then home at 6pm when I was done.


Pakistan post their parcels in fabric bags. This I was unprepared for.


And sealed with wax at the top!


Some food did not make it.


Some jewellery did. There is another ring, but I need a much better photo of it.


Some nail fruits!


Lots of makeup. I didn’t tell her I love eyeliner though! She must be psychic!

I also received a salwar kameez set, the traditional dress and trousers combo you will be familiar with seeing if you live in a UK city, and a beautiful huge kaftan and some scarves. I neglected to take photos of these, I was too busy with all the other stuff!

I need to sew the sleeves onto the kameez, as it is much too cold in the UK to wear without sleeves, and when I do, I shall take a proper photo.



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