Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

This is one of the items that Mystic ordered for me, I briefly discussed her ordering Korean cosmetics for us in this post.


Look at the packaging! SQUEE!


Here it is out of the box. A plastic bunny with little ears!


When you take the cap off, there is a plastic cap that keeps your stick of perfume clean.


And when you take the top off, you can twist uo the bar to rub the perfume on your wrists.

Mystic bought this for me from a seller on eBay called sing-sing-girl, it was just over £5.


The scent I asked for and received was Coco Floral, which is a talcy, mildly flowery scent, described by the company Tony Moly as a ‘subtle, feminine, floral scent’. I’m not good with flowers, so I can’t pin it down, but it isn’t very rosey and definitely not lavender, but it is a light smell, not a heavy, deep scent.

It’s a lovely scent, which lasts around three hours at work. I put some on my wrists before I put the gloves on and a few days later I could still smell it in the fabric.

Well worth the money. And the wait for shipping  🙂


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