About Wins And Wounds

George and Lucy met at Wolverhampton University, UK, in 2010.

They were both enrolled on a fashion Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion.

Lucy graduated and bought MacStitch, and now runs her own business creating cross stitch samplers and patterns for sale through her own website, whilst also supporting her handbag addiction by working a job on the side.

George left to pursue a life fighting crime.  Well, no.  She actually started studying a Law LLB.  But it’s nearly the same.  Now she is helping children and young people by volunteering with children on the autistic spectrum and also supporting students in the local college.  She also writes.

They like to talk about anything and everything. Usually in public.  With coffee or alcohol.

This blog started as a fashion blog, and it still is. However, George has a habit of going way off topic, and Lucy has a bit of an obsession with Disney, so expect completely random posts intermingled with the usual New York / London / Milan fashion week reviews, pictures of our outfits, the occasional product review and updates from the world of fashion.

We hope you enjoy your stay!


@winsandwounds (auto post only)




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