When Life Just Gets In the Way

You may have noticed that in the past few months, neither Lucy nor I have managed to post anything regularly.  To be honest,amongst stress, a sprained foot, work, a new job, university, changing course, self employment on both ends and a new career in writing, neither of us have really felt up to it.  Fitting in that two or three hours to write and edit blog posts has just been pure murder.

But, we are back.  I promise there will be something up at least once a week, preferably with some writing attached 🙂




George’s Birthday!

Today is my birthday, so here is a picture of my legs –



My friend sent me some money for my birthday, so I bought some fancy tights like all the cool kids.  Lucy had loads of tights, when she started her job she had to actually go out and buy some tights, because she didn’t own any.  I don’t wear tights, because I don’t have the clothes to go with them.

however, I noticed the trend for having tights with cat faces on them, so I wanted in on the action.  so when I got my birthday money off @sirenmoonbee, I bought these off eBay.  and they came this morning!

Not strictly a review, but I don’t care.  I’m reviewing them and giving them MANY STARS!

Aren’t they SO CUTE!?



Cut-Out Swimsuits And Other Yucky Things

Yesterday, I had a conversation with two Twitter peoples – @ArtisanGaynor and @SuggestDigest about horrid fashion. Lucy joined in at the point were shoes were brought up, too. It started with wet – look leggings (YUCK) and ended with the defence of jelly shoes with this pair as the example –


Westwood, photo copyright Idris - George

But later, I came across this article –

A survey carried out by Sunshine.co.uk showed what the British public think are the top summer fashion yuckies – and I have opinions on all of them. I shall comment as I go.

1. Cut out swimsuits –
This was voted as the WORST by over 50 percent of respondents. Men AND women. I hate this current trend of missing fabric from clothes. Especially on the Midlands, where ‘the look’ is scraggy hair, hoops, clothes a size too tight and muffin toppage. No please.

2. Socks and sandals –
I have a friend who did this once. He got mocked. He never did it again. Lesson – learnt.

3. Speedos –
If you’re an Olympic swimmer, go ahead. If you’re my Dad, please, wear some shorts. You can’t carry it off.

4. Ill fitting bikinis –
Try before you buy, yeah? Changing rooms exist. I don’t need to see your boobies falling out.

5. Hawaiian Shirts –
Ok, I kinda like these. Sometimes.

6. Patriotic clothing (e.g. England shirt or Union Jack clothes –
Events, festivals, sports and celebrations. Not an advert saying ‘I AM BRITISH AND HERE TO GET PISSED’.

7. Sun visors –
They still make these?

8. Maxi dresses –
I’m too short for these. There’s an extra foot of fabric trailing behind me. I’d love to, but i’m bitter. Suits people with darker skin more. White people, beware.

9. Oversized hats –
HEY! I have one of those!

10. Wedges –
These are the only heels I can walk in 😦 kind of walk on 😥 OK I can’t walk in heels. Shush.


Health Kick? Nah.

From the outside, it may seem I am on a health kick. I’ve started swimming again. Ive been three times now, even if one of those times was whilst volunteering. I’ve also started eating Quorn.

Yeah, Quorn is hardly healthy. I read the label, I could eat healthier stuff. And i’ve become a tad obsessed with cheese. The reasoning beyond the Quorn is that I really wanted to eat some chicken. Like, really really. I weighed it up, fresh and frozen, and then looked at the pretend meat section. It’s actually cheaper to buy Quorn.

And swimming? Well, it’s damn fun. And, please, no grief off people who real life know me, but i’m not the fittest person. Fitness isn’t related to size, dearies.

It goes along with the whole ‘accidentally quitting smoking’ thing too.


Weekend: Cancelled

For the past few weeks I have been telling people I have a stall in Dudley this coming Sunday. The email for it came through around the start of June. It was an offer of a free stall for anyone who participated in the Love Your Local Market event.

I heard nothing for weeks. I mean, weeks. Over a fortnight. So I emailed, as you do.

I informed my volunteer family that I would probably not be able to make Sunday, and after trying to figure out all alternatives, including going up at six in the evening, we decided to miss this week. Which is hard to tell an Aspie child.

Today, I received an email saying it was cancelled. The email was a forward of one that had been sent to everyone else on June 20th. A week and a half ago. Thanks for that. The woman thinks she ‘missed me off the list’ and so ‘forgot’ to send it to me.

The child I help doesn’t like change, so calling them up now and saying the weekend is back ON is disruptive. Also, if I booked one for next weekend, that’s also pretty unacceptable. So thanks a lot, you have fucked up my entire fortnight from your bad planning, Dudley Council.