International Swap – Krissy

Something I love doing is receiving gifts and packages from far – flung places. I like to find new things, or specifically request hard to find things or discontinued products.

This week, I received this parcel from America –


I had arranged a swap with someone called Krissy in the USA. The budget was $40, or £25.

Krissy wanted some football shirts, so I sent her a Celtic shirt, some England shirts, a Liverpool tee, a hat that I think was Manchester Utd. and some pens with Chelsea branding on them. I also included some prok scratchings and kinder egg chocolate – not the egg, the small bars.

As this was a swap with specific requests, in return I had asked for some NASCar tshirts. We don’t get NASCar tshirts in the UK. We don’t even get NASCar on television any more!


This was inside my package –


FOUR! I got FOUR tshirts! I couldn’t have done that myself for the budget, even with the amount I paid on top for shipping, I would have had to have paid around $100 the last time I checked out the NASCar store.

I also received some sweets –


Yum! Never had candy corn before. They taste like fudge.


We have Werther’s. Not this flavour though. They weren’t amazing, but theu were nice, a few at a time.

I aldo received some Hallowe’en themed chocolate that I neglected to photograph.

In all, though only my second swap with this Facebook group, it has been my best swap so far. I love my tees. Thanks Krissy!



Completely Random Product From Kitty – Luke Charcoal Nose Pore Strip

I received this nose pore strip in a box from Kitty –


There were some instructions on the back, in Korean. There was some pictoral advice, so I wasn’t completely helpless.


This is what it looked like out of the pack. You had to peel the plastic off, wet the black bit and put it on your nose for some time.

I really, REALLY have so little to say about this product. It didn’t do much for me, but it had little work to do at the time. I get blackheads, but it’s not like I get enough to justify a product especially focussed on one area of my face just for one problem.

It did leave a big, black mark on my nose that I had to remove though. Maybe that was the tack, dirty up the nose to make you scrub it clean!

Maybelline Popsticks

For the past couple of days I have been using this –


This is a Maybelline Popstick. Apparently not a new product, I picked this up in the pound shop (as usual). I wasn’t even sure what it was when I got it, but i’m kind of glad I did.


It is a clear balm that is supposed to provide a degree of tint. It does tint a little, but as I got the orange colour called ‘citrus slice’, it isn’t extreme. There were no other colours, or else I would have picked them up just for the packaging.


There appears to be a little mica or something in the product, but it certainly isn’t glittery or shiny.


It doesn’t last too long on the lips, it’s quite thin and if it wasn’t a solid it could be described as watery. I did have to reapply quite a lot.


This isn’t too much of a problem though, as the top end of the casing has a metallic coating that doubles as a makeshift mirror.


If I had paid full price for it, I would have been very disappointed. However, I spent a single pound on it, and would have happily gone back for any other colours in the range. So far, no luck.

Tiny Pamper Session

Today was a miserable day, weather wise. I set out to work at 08.40 in the cold, and came back at just before 17.00 in the rain. So, I decided i’d eat some scones with jam (no cream, it went off so I had to throw it away), and declared the day ‘face pack day’.

This was the choice –


Montagne Jeunesse Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque

It came out really thick, parts of it as if it was made of chunks of chocolate. It went on pretty thick, with enough left over for my neck too. It smelled like white chocolate, but in the same way as the Options hot chocolate, a gentle smell rather than a strong, overpowering one.

I left it on for the set time. It dried and cracked, pulled a little as usual, but no itching or burning. Great!

When it came to taking it off, it was pretty difficult. I started with makeup remover pads, quickly moving on to a damp towel, as the mask was not budging. I had to scrub quite hard, which felt a bit harsh as the masque had made my skin soft.

Once it had been removed, I had a look and my face looked much smoother and pores slightly less noticeable. It did not, however, fix the massive spot near the edge of my jawbone. I did not expect it would.

This masque did make my skin feel soft tovthe touch, but a bit dry and tight. I followed it up with this for moisturising –


Caudalie Divine Oil

I will do a proper review on the Caudalie later.

My face feels (and kind of looks) lovely now. But we shall see tomorrow if my face objects to this combination of products. So far so good!

Volcano Mask (Poundland)

Today, I tried one of these –


I got these, and two tea tree masks, all for a pound in Poundland. It was a cheap, fun, impulse buy.

I opened one of the capsule – like containers and started to put it on. It instantly heated up… and then stopped. It cooled again. Half of my face was cold as I continued to apply the rest of the clay mask to my other cheek and forehead area.

It said to leave it on for a minute, so I followed the instructions and removed it fairly quick after applying and the subsequent cooling.

This was over twelve hours ago now, and all that’s really happened is that two very small spots have come out on my chin. My skin felt nice straight after removal and cleansing, but it didn’t really last. It doesn’t feel like it has done anything at all.

I hope the tea tree masks (or were they green tea? I’m doubting myself now!) are better, but for the equivalent of 25p it made my face warm for a bit. Maybe i’ll keep the other one for when I run out of electric and have no heating!