Brit Awards – Some Notes #BritAwards2013

James’ head looks a bit big in that suit.



Who is that Ben bloke?

Robbie Williams – good attempt at singing live. Liking the dancing tubamen.

I don’t like Rita Ora.

I used to fancy a bit of Justin Timberlake. Now I don’t.

His oversize bow tie is ace!

I don’t like Paloma Faith.

That Ben bloke won again. Is he the one from the hill in the Olympics?

Critic’s Choice award – it’ll either make you, or break you.

Fuck, they said One Direction. Shall I turn it over now? Or risk it?

My Twitter feed is showing a lot of James Corden intolerance. Why so? Ok, it turns out Smithy in Gavin And Stacey is just him NOT acting, but he isn’t on a par with Ricky Gervais, is he?

Sharon? Hmmmm.

Lana Del Rey? I had my money on Alicia Keys. I am SO 90’s… I should probably ‘get with it’, though Rhianna isn’t that bad, she could be second choice…

Fuck it’s One Direction and Comic Relief. Possibly two of the worst things ever. Murdering a perfectly GOOD song. Though I hear David Cameron is in the video?

Please finish please finish please finish.

I just mistook Smith for Spence…

British Live Act – Coldplay, Mumford, The Vaccines, THE STONES HELL YES, MUSE!!!!! Hmmm. Oh of course. The fashionista’s choice. I’m all vegan and shit. I actually like Coldplay, but I think Chris Martin is trying to be the next Bono. I despise Bono.

A friend just compared 1D to drunken children.

I approve of Daley and Ross. Not because I find them attractive. Well, Ross is better than Daley.

Underneath YOUR beautiful? I hope that really is wrong, I can’t stand grammar fuckups.

Go on, i’ll take Rizzle Kicks.

It was going to be Skyfall, wasn’t it?

Is that some kinda joke? Did he interrupt Adele last year? Was it HER?

Oh. Swift. I like the set and costumes. But not the E E E E E noise she makes. Hang on, is she wearing a toilet roll?

I looked down to get some M&M’s, looked up and she appears to have lost some of her ‘clothes’.

Robbie sounds like he is fucked off his face.

Someone take the echo delay off Dave’s mic.

What was this for? Oops.

So that Ben kid is a lefty. Kudos.

Jack White is so 2000s.

BUBLÉ? Serious?

Springsteen is my choice.

Meh. Ocean? He’s got an old look, an old sound, but i’m just not feeling it.

Genuinely didn’t know there was a charity element to The Brits.

I’m not feeling Mumford And Sons. Are any of them actually sons of another band member? He’s not pretty, nor does he have a pretty voice. Sadface.

Brian Ferry – a name I RECOGNISE!

Proper album of the year innit award – SandĂ©, nope. Plan B, maybe. Alt J, who? Paloma, no. Mumford, no. I own none of these albums though, so it’s just not aimed at me. I remember when good music won awards.

We’re back onto 1D are we?

This song is overplayed. I didn’t like it, then it grew on me. Now i’m sick of it again.

So that, in all, was a bit shit. I nearly dozed off. I’ll just wait for the K! awards instead. Stupid Brits.


Tweet from Danny Baker (@prodnose) #BRITAWARDS2013

Danny Baker (@prodnose) tweeted at 10:13 PM on Wed, Feb 20, 2013:
Seriously, the day the music dies it’ll be this Brits that’ll be dragged in for questioning.

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Tweet from Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) #BRITAWARDS2013

Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) tweeted at 10:05 PM on Wed, Feb 20, 2013:
Many people have wondered why Paul McCartney isn’t performing at the #BritAwards2013. Three words: Tower of London.

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Tweet from Dave Withington (@DaveWithington1) #BRITAWARDS2013

Dave Withington (@DaveWithington1) tweeted at 10:03 PM on Wed, Feb 20, 2013:
I’m watching a surreal TV show where Dave Grohl, Bryan Ferry & Damon Albarn are giving awards to young people for skipping around a stage?

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Tweet from (@MammasaurusBlog) #BRITAWARDS2013 (@MammasaurusBlog) tweeted at 9:56 PM on Wed, Feb 20, 2013:
Sat at home and watched the #Brits ? Meh Mumford and son #lame – get your bums out to gigs and hear what’s new NOW not 2 yrs ago @NME

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