Chicago – The Best Fashion Film Ever!

I love Chicago – a musical with singers in lingerie in the entire film!  I seriously just wanna wear that silver sparkly number that Renee / Roxy wears, that’d be a great outfit to wear at New Designers to get noticed, and it would get my portfolio noticed too – win all round!  I would, and i’d look great none the less, because Chicago is sparkle, sex, and curves to me, and i’ve got to make sure George watches it in full since she confessed to me she has never watched it to the end !!!!!  I can’t have that!  When i finally finish uni (these 3 years have gone so quick, I might actually miss the pats on the back LOL and i’ll be able to contribute more to mine and George’s daily adventures) gotta make a definite time for us to watch it.  That is, if she can stand me dancing to all the tunes and constantly saying ‘I wanna use the Doctor’s TARDIS and go to that era and live there’!  It’s a perfect era for me, fitted dresses that hug your tiny waist and curves, and stilettos all year round, it is MY era.

If the film is this intoxicating, God, imagine what id be like at the West End / Broadway!  George and I would be in our element.  And, of course, if we did go to the theatre, we would make sure we saw Lion King, because you just have to, don’t you?  It’s a unwritten rule!
Lucy x

The Things We Do For Our Nans . . .

I cleaned out my wardrobe this evening, got rid of some tops that I no longer wish to ever wear, and during this clear out I actually found a dress that . . . can’t believe i’m saying this . . . goes over my knees!  :O

Gobsmacked!  How can this be?  All my dresses are on the knee or maybe just slightly above, how can I possibly wear and have this dress!?  Then I realised, it’s my ‘going to my nan’s in Prestatyn’ dress.  I wear it to please my nan, who likes my dresses, but prefers if I wear  flats (OMG) with them!

Nan, I love u dearly, but im never gonna wear flats.  The day I wear flats is the day you see Piers Morgan, Ian Hislop and Jeremy Clarkson all having a bromance picnic together . . .

I’m unsure whether to keep this dress, or put it in the ‘no longer wanted’ clothes pile.  It’s a good make, a John Rocha summer print dress from Debenhams, Stockport.  If I get rid, i’ll have to make my nan get used to one of my shorter dresses that everyone else knows me for, but that means nan will make me traipse around Rhyl’s cheap version of Peacocks and Shoe Zone AGAIN (shudders).

Not going thru that again.  That”s it, the dress is staying.  But in very back of the wardrobe.

Or I could hem it . . . maybe  . . .

But it has soooo made me want to wear my cherry dress and red tights tomorrow, and my pink tailored coat I got from Oasis in the sale.  I saw it in mint green the other day, wish I had money to have that one.  I have nothing in a mint pale green shade, maybe i’ll hint at my nan, or i’ll make a deal with her.
I’ll wear this dress, if you get me this Oasis pale mint green coat.
if it’s a tailored coat, then i don’t mind if its over my knee.  I love that, but a dress over my knee is only for my nan.
Lucy x

A Bad Lesson On Fashion

I recently did a trade with my Twitter friend @sirenmoonbee.  She makes the most twee little earrings, with bows on them!  As part of this trade, I also requested two steampunk clock part rings, on for me, and one for W, my other half.  He said he liked Steampunk, but it wasn’t a trend he would ‘get in on’.  I went ahead and got him one anyway.  He went ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ when I offered it to him, then put it on.  And wore it out.  All the way round Asda and back home again.  When he got home, we both decided they were ‘dress rings’, or as I call these particular items of clothing or accessories ‘posing wear’.  For going to gigs and stuff, those days when you need to make an impression, or ‘one up’ someone.  I always try that at gigs.  Best dressed band groupie is my award.  Got to be, I am the vocalist’s girlfriend, after all.

He’s going to use his ring in their next photoshoot.  I, however, am going to use it as part of this lesson.  A lesson on Steampunk.  It’s not going to be much  of a lesson, as I don’t know all that much about it, so it’ll be a lesson for both of us, I suppose.

I have a few friends who are into Steampunk.  They like wearing goggles and stuff.  Victorian clothing.  Most of them are geeks.  Not the book loving type, but the I – live – my – life – through – Warcraft type of geek.  Steampunk reapplies the use of brass, leather and iron and puts them in places they probably shouldn’t belong.  Metal keys on keyboards.  Cogs and things instead of hinges.  Or just for decoration.  Think of steam carriages, and the workings inside the engine.  That’s how it all looks.  It’s all about history.  It’s really an extension on the retro fashion that is so in at the moment, except instead of going back to the Sixties, or the Thirties, go back to the Victorian times.  Add some Around The world in Eighty Days, a bit of Jules Verne, and a monocle, lots and lots of polished brass.

That was a rubbish lesson.  Here’s a picture of the ring I got.  Please excuse my nail varnish.