Pippa Middleton, Was Well Dressed Once, Remember?

Here’s an article I stumbled across when reading my news widget. At first, I thought the title was a bit harsh. But then, as I read on, I realised it was right. Pippa probably does dress in the dark.

Pippa Middleton’s Fashion Dense

Oh dear.

By the way – that’s my headline, that one. Thanks. It IS great 🙂


Oh Look, A New Samantha Brickface – The Woman Who Claims She Is Too Pretty To Take A Job.

This is Laura Fernee. Her mummy and daddy pay for everything, because some men at work fancied her so she left.


Britney Spears Steps Out In Stained Sweatpants – But Do We Care?

My news widget stream threw this great gem out at me today-


Really? This is newsworthy? She got a stain on her trousers. The article suggests it may be water. It’s not there in a later photo.



But look! There’s another one by her left foot!

This whole article seems to have been written just to speculate. She may have a job in Vegas. She could be breaking the law by being on her phone, if she was driving.

Poor effort, Daily Mail.

Farty – Pants? No Worries, Here’s Some Thunderpants!

Some amazing stuff comes out of Japan. And this week, I found this article – Gone With The Wind! Daily Mail They’re quite nasty, yet practical looking pants, one for men and one for women, that neutralise farty smells by way of ceramic particles. Which puts me in mind of steel soap . They were invented because the inventor wanted to make something to help people with digestive disorders (which, face it, are usually quite embarrassing). He initially planned to sell to hospitals and the like, but found the garments gaining interest from businessmen and other professionals. But, there is no promise that it stops or mufflers the noise of farting, so you’ve still got to put a bit of effort in yourself! Here is the supplied picture, for the more lazy of you who just find clicky linky just top much effort.



The Loub Job

A few weeks ago, a friend posted this article up on Facebook.  I bookmarked it, then promptly forgot about it.

The Loub Job

It’s an interesting idea, pumping your feet with collagen and Botox to tolerate higher heels.  I’m not a wearer of high heels, my injury from wearing platforms in February is well documented on Twitter.  I own them, but I just cannot walk in them.  However, Lucy wears them ALL THE TIME.  She has no flats.  Not a single pair of trainers.  No pumps.  Nothing.

I would not pay nearly £400 to inject my feet with toxins and chemicals to be able to wear high heels. I need to learn to walk in them first. Plus, Botox only lasts about six months in your face, so it seems a waste of money.

Just buy some gel insoles!


Treading Old Ground . . .

Both of these ‘subjects’ have been.mentioned in this blog already.  Samantha Brick, and Down’s Syndrome.  So why are we doing it again?

Because today, on This Morning, a British show that mixes talk, information and cooking with the banality of the life of the middle aged housewife (perked up by the silver fox that is the Schofe), Samantha Brick opened he big, fat gob again.


Here is the article – Daily Mail linky

She says that she would consider aborting a baby that she had conceived through IVF, if it turned out the baby had Down’s Syndrome.

Now, I do accept all of her points are valid, but surely if you have gone through ALL of that effort, injections, repeated procedures, and possible complications, you would still be happy with a disabled baby?  Am I just a dirty liberal?  I’m not saying that just because you can’t conceive naturally, then you should be happy with the card you’re dealt, but REALLY?  Please, i’d love to have some other people’s opinions on this. I will be tagging some people on Twitter and Facebook to this, parents of disabled children, people who have gone through IVF, and just parents and non – parents in general, I really would like your input.

I wouldn’t abort a disabled baby anyway.  If i’d planned to have a baby, then i’ve planned to have THIS baby.  I’m not into the ‘all life is sacred’ religious thing, but abortions should be based on your ability to cope and afford, not just because ‘I don’t like this particular one’.