Princesses At The V&A

Exciting so so can’t wait – the limited edition Disney dolls are coming out in October !!!!  I don’t care if i’ve got an early at work that day, i’m staying up online to buy this Eric and Ariel dolls the moment it turns midnight on the 15th.


I collect the Disney princess dolls because of their costume.  Think about it, the princesses and princes are dressed to represent the culture and fashion era they are attributed to, and to nail the era, how character are dressed is key to showing the styles of men and women of the place and time period.

To see and understand further the fashion evolution for all eras, many people go to the renowned pride of Britain masterpiece – The Victoria and Albert Museum (the V and A to us on trend folk and citizens).  A centrepiece of art and design trophies, including real princesses dresses including examples from Princess Diana’s ‘Elvis Dress’ by Catherine Walker, to HRH Princess Margret’s blue cocktail dress by one of her favorite Parisian designers Jean Desses.


I purchased two magnificent decadent V&A books this week -‘The V&A Gallery of Fashion’ and ‘V&A Ball Gowns’.  Each are full of beautiful and exquisite pieces of clothing from distinguished places and designers.  I knew I wanted these books from the moment I saw the trademark symbol of the The Victoria and Albert Museum, defining the quality and craftsmanship of the information and products featured. I opened the V&A Ball Gowns book and fell in love with the Erdem dress 2008 and Stella McCartney dress 2011.  


Erdem dress 2008 


Stella McCartney dress 2011


Bellville Sassoon 1964

Vibrant colour, sophistication with a touch of chic and delicate pastel with avante garde beading, just three dresses that represent the different ballgown looks, with patterns and cuts of the fabric and haberdashery touches that the ballgowns book discusses. 

Please either request this book form your nearest Waterstones or borrow it from your local library, where you can photocopy all the images and words and decorate your wall (within copyright laws of course!).  This book is the encyclopedia of fashion full of historical and contemporary garments with engaging information making you want to go to the actual Victoria and Albert Museum instantly.  Of course, I have many many favourite sections in this book.  One is the tennis dress by Hepburne Scott (1926) that I think easily can be a summer evening stroll dress as well as it being a competitive uniform from it’s day.


Hepburne Scott 1926 

Each chapter has a brief introduction of culture and society of the period the following garments and accessories are from.  Many of the V&A pieces are over 100 years old (personally, i’d hate to see that dry cleaning bill for care of each piece!).  This image below is a true fairytale piece.  If I won the lottery, i’d pay to have a photo shoot in it, though no one should buy this dress, the V&A is it’s permanent fairytale castle. 


Mantua gown 1753 – 55, silk brocaded with gilded silver thread. 

My best parts have to be the modern and contemporary fashion now chapters, where designers are scientists, experimenting with their fabric, pattern, cut formulas, color and design.  A new spectrum of creative formulas are evolving.  The renowned Gareth Pugh created a piece combining two elements – leather and metal – now historically, yes, you may think done before, leather shoes metal buckle.  No, a material combination of two elements formulating a new fabric for the world. 


Silvered leather dress 2011.

In the same year, Prada went scientific, taking the highly popular material plastic and thought – forget packaging, we’re going to use it for a component to form a shoe!  Below shows their vibrant magical result, I adore the heel, the best part. 


The front cover image is this beautiful evening coat.


Elsa Schiaparelli 1937.

From the front, tailored Savile Row approved, but from the back, artisan magic arrives.  Elsa was a creative magician, and all her pieces were exquisite in cut and design.  Simply makes you pick up this encyclopedia of fashion perfectly.  

Lucy xxx


Ursula v. De Vil

Tons of millions of people around the world collect Star Trek and Star Wars products to keep mint in box.

I recently (last year) started to collect mint in box Disney princess dolls.  Specifically, my favorite Disney films.  I’m not really bothered about Cinderella and Pocahontas, more the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.  I also quite like Mulan and the Frog Princess.

I already have Ariel, Prince Eric And King Triton, so all I need is Ursula the sea witch to complete my Little Mermaid collection.  However, my mum says I shouldn’t get Ursula because ‘she’s horrible’, and said I should get Cruella De Vil instead!  In response I said –

You want me to get a dog killer over a sea witch?!?!?

It doesn’t really matter, Ursula wins.  Next time I go to Chester, i’m getting Ursula. End of.

And maybe Li Shang from Mulan, because I got Mulan for my birthday along with King Triton.  I’m going to need a big wide shelf soon!

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Lucy xx

Presents And Books!

The new Camilla Morton fashion fairytale is The Emperor’s New Clothes! I really want to get it ASAP but looking at Waterstones, its not out in the UK yet 😦 A good excuse to fly to the USA to get it I reckon 🙂 Mum has got me all my crimbo pressies now, including a Vogue on Chanel book but I admit i’m more excited about the Disney princess little mermaid, Ariel and Eric dolls 🙂 They are going to stay neat and tidy in the boxes, like my beauty and the beast pair. Even more excitingly, i’ve spotted a Disney bag in my nan’s room too! I’m refusing to be tempted to look in the bag, maybe possibly a sneak peek perhaps . . . or not . . . no, i’m not gonna be tempted . . . Lucy x

What Can I Say? REALLY?

BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) tweeted at 8:06 PM on Tue, Oct 30, 2012: Disney to buy Star Wars production company Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4.05bn (£2.52bn). Details soon ( There isn’t much I can say to this really. Except for – the second three, episodes 1, 2, 3 were shit. And they’re making THREE MORE.