Block Two – Legal Personality

TMA03 for W100 is due in this week, on Friday. I’m about 35 pages into Block Two, which is about a third of the way through. I was working on it earlier, but I got a mahoosive headache and had to stop. I ended up falling asleep for a few hours, missing the first half of the gypsy wedding programme on Channel 4.

It’s very interesting, this block. All about when life starts and ends in the eyes of the law. I think that’s what the essay is about. I’m pretty sure. I know I have to do a plan too, which is included in the word count.

I have sorted my course out, i’m officially on the LLB course now. I’m a bit miffed I can’t actually do the Greek or Latin module I wanted to do, but there’s other options. Many other options. I’ve also been accepted onto the teaching assistant course, just waiting for the letter. It starts at the start of May. I have to sort out my placement, which I shall do this week, now Easter is over. All is good.


Slight Change Of Course… But Not Direction

I had my think. A long think. Last night and the night before. And so i’ve decided to change to a Law LLB degree.

I sent the email last night to request a change. Then I remembered how they still haven’t got back to me about the email I sent last week. Was it last week? I appreciate it’s Easter… So I phoned them. And it’s sorted.

I have chosen the broad pathway, which means I get free choice of modules at the start of my degree. I wanted to do ‘Reading Classical Greek’, but I’d have to wait until February (I think) for it to start, as I have to pass 60 credits at level one before I can do a level two module. I’ve LITERALLY just, as i’m writing this, had a brainwave though. If I do W100, that ends in September / October, and then pick up a 30 credit module in October, I can do the Greek module in February, without a gap in studies! Hm, i’ll have to look into that.

I’ve withdrawn from DD101,  as I do not want this as my free choice. It’s a damn boring module, but as they keep telling me, it’s meant to be general. I don’t like it. By withdrawing, they keep my student loan from it, and offer me 90% off another module. Which is better value than any other withdrawal. I’d expected to have to pay 75% of the module costs at this stage. But no! Only the ten percent.

I’m happy to be on the LLB, but again, I feel i’ve wasted time by being on the other one. Damnit.

Bank Holiday Madness!

Monday was a Bank Holiday.  You all know what a Bank Holiday is, right?  For those of you that don’t, this is Wikipedia’s definition –

A bank holiday is a public holiday in the United Kingdom or a colloquialism for public holiday in Ireland.  There is no automatic right to time off on these days, although the majority of the population is granted time off work or extra pay for working on these days, depending on their contract.  The first official bank holidays were the four days named in the Bank Holidays Act 1871, but today the term is colloquially (albeit incorrectly) used for public holidays which are not officially bank holidays, for example Good Friday and Christmas Day.

I don’t use this term colloquially, as it actually WAS a Bank Holiday.  I think.  Anyway, as per the norm in my household, we went shopping, as we do every single day, aside from Sundays.  Usually, the roads are kinda busy, the supermarkets are packed with people panic – buying various items, and children are running amok in the aisles.  When we approached the car park, however, we noticed it was distinctly empty.  YAY!  It turned out, so was Asda.  That was brilliant, I thought, as I have quite a dislike for the process of shopping itself, the ‘excuse me’, the pushing past ignorant people who pretend not to hear you, being run over by trollies, the noise, queueing . . . ugh, queueing.  Great British pastime, queueing and moaning at the same time.  It also meant I could get pick of the leftover eggs.  Easter eggs. Mmmm.

Nope.  There were none.  NONE!  Well, there were a few, but they were broken ones, and I don’t like eating food that has broken in the packet already.  😦  Much disappointment for me.  So I bought myself a block of cheese and made cheese, onion and meatball toasties instead.

Happy Bank Holiday – Day.  Now go back to work.