How To Be Blindsighted By Positivity

When I first went into the business of self employment, I didn’t think it would necessarily be easy, but I did expect to make some sales.  Now, two years in, I am happy if I get an extra like on the Facebook page or an extra hit on the Tictail.  Sales are mostly a pipe dream.

I started out with aspirations of becoming a wedding dress designer.  I had designed a load, and even made one.  I made another.  I had a photoshoot with some friends.  I got a broken toe in the process. 

Then it stopped.

I tried marketing, online stuff and in the directories.  I couldn’t afford to do fayres with no money coming in.  I even had a go at organising my own wedding fayre.  It was a drizzly day when it finally came round, and i’d had problems with both non – payment and table suppliers cancelling.  I was accused of not advertising, not making banners, not doing this and that, and I had pretty much given up before it had started.  The tables were cheap compared to the usual cost, yet I was threatened with legal proceedings for the matter of £35.

It all died down, I stopped being self employed and once again became unemployed.  It was one of the worst experiences of my life that was of my own making, having to give up the dream and work for someone else.  Except that didn’t really happen either.

I’ve picked it back up again, but on a much smaller scale.  I can’t afford to make the wedding dresses, and a lot of the jewellery I have made was made during my seasonal work.  When I make a sale, I buy new stock.  I have done an Indiegogo to raise money for new stock, and that was quite successful.  Only one pledge is still to be fulfilled.

I’m always beong moaned at for being negative.  The fact is, when something is my choice, I can be massively positive and enthusiastic.  And it usually comes back to bite me in the arse.  My insolvency is proof of that.  I’m not bankrupt, by any means, but I was seriously considering it this time last year.

I guess the moral is – go for it, but it doesn’t always go the way you want.  Keep that in mind.



Eurovision Time!

Tonight is Eurovision.

With the exception of reading tweets from my friend Tim B, who is a ‘reality TV trader’, I tend to keep away from the run up to Eurovision.  I like the ‘newness’ of watching and hearing the songs for the first time.  It also takes away that thing of the more you hear a song, the more you like it.

Or hate it, it goes both ways.

Tonight, I shall be watching along with my friends. This happens every year.  We haven’t made it a meetup event for a long time, with one thing or another.  This year, I appear to have flu in May.  God knows how.  But people will be on Facebook, Twitter and text so we can slate people to our heart’s content.

Lucy will be on text, Mr S will be on Twitter, as i’m sure a few others will, and Magda will be on Facebook.  Maybe this year, I won’t have to unfriend some idiot for moaning about my updates and statuses, even though they do it every year for X Factor.  And Britain’s Got Talent.  And that other one.

Apparently, that’s OK though.


TMA01 Submitted!

I have finally, after my lengthy extension, submitted my first essay, TMA01. My tutor was away for the last week, so he said I could submit it at the weekend, as he wouldn’t be around to pick it up until then anyway.

After finding the transcripts of the DVD in the alternative formats section of StudentHome, and reading through them to remember what I had seen, I started my essay. The 750 word one.  It took two hours in total, which I think is good going. I’m not sure I rushed it, given that I did a 1500 word essay in four hours for Wolverhampton Uni and got a high B grade for it.

I’m bothered about my mark, naturally, but with it being only 5% of my final mark for the year, i’m not going to die if I get 30% or 40%, I think 30% is the minimum pass mark. I can’t see me getting less than that really!

I have also ‘left’ the Facebook group for DD101 module. I found that the group was not adding anything to my studies, and I was sick to the back teeth of updates from people saying ‘I’ve started reading the new book LOLZ’.

Hat Shopping

Aside from costume making, dressmaking and all the other sewing related things I do, I also sell textile items, jewellery and soaps on Etsy. Soaps are a relatively new thing for me, as bought some base items as an impulse buy when in Hobbycraft with Lucy last December. I may not get massive sales, but I seem to get a lot of interest. I also used to do Christmas craft fayres, taking children’s items, some jewellery, and once, cards.

Now, you may have noticed that Christmas is just around the corner. Eight weeks, according to a friend’s mother on Facebook. So, I’ve been booking up the fayres again. Today, I was here –


I took my soaps. My friend Elle gave ne a lift, assisted by her mum Su, who has a few broken ribs so REALLY shouldn’t have come out (but she was needed for directions). I was meant to catch the train up, but the first train leaves Wolverhampton after 10am, and I was expected to be set up by 9.45!

I got there in good enough time, set up and had a wander round. The lady next to me sold hats, fascinators, masquerade masks and hairbands. So I ended up with this hat –


This hat caused a substantial amount of ‘WANT’ Facebook comments!




You can see and buy her hats and other items on Maison De Cantern, there is a link to Etsy and she is also on Facebook.

You know how it is . . . You always end up buying something!

Buy a hat from Maison De Cantern!


P.S. Here’s my stall. And thanks to @LucyPeroxide for popping by and buying lots!