Hello From The Impulsive Student!


I’m writing this blog as a way of sharing my experiences with all of you, out there.  As the title of the blog says, I am impulsive, and I am soon to be a student.  Again.

I once studied at Wolverhampton University, doing a BA (Hons) in Fashion Accessories.  I started in January 2008, which was a bit of a mess.  It was the first  year they had done January starts, and the course itself was a new one.  I stuck around for 18 months.  However, I disliked the tutor so much, and the fact I was doing all my modules backwards, that I elected to transfer to Birmingham City University, formerly University of Central England, in September 2009.  Here, I was to study Fashion Design.  It wasn’t to be that simple though, as BCU told me the teaching at Wolverhampton was that poor, I would have to start from the first year.  Which is where I started.

When I found out later that year that due to the Student Loans Company’s policy of only giving you four year’s worth of funding for tuition fees, I wasn’t going to have my tuition fees paid, I was forced to drop out, with a personal debt to the University of a whole year’s fees.  As I had done a year and a half at Wolverhampton, this counted as two years.  So I asked Wolverhampton to take me back.  And they did.

I got into Wolverhampton University’s second year, and the course title had changed to Fashion and Textiles.  Rumours were, their funding was pulled for teaching the courses separately, as they were undersubscribed and poorly taught.  So, fees in place, I studied.  And come March of 2011, I received a letter.  It was a death blow from the Student Loans Company, that stated I actually WAS NOT entitled to the fee funding for that year, and my tuition fee loan offer, and all payments, were to be withdrawn.

I had done (rounded up) two years at Wolverhampton University, followed by a year at Birmingham City University, which totals three years.  Even though I didn’t get fee loans for all three years, they still classed it as support, as I took out maintenance loans for all three years.  The Student Loans Company say they have an entitlement to see you through to the end of your degree, so with only one year of tuition fee funding left, I again had to withdraw from my studies, as I couldn’t enrol onto the third year at Wolverhampton without paying off the previous year’s fees, just the same as at BCU.
So that is how I got into this position.  I am enrolled on my new course with the Open University, as I am still entitled to part time tuition fee loans.  All sixteen year’s worth.  And, damnit, I intend to use some of them.




Style At Spar

I have started my new job at Spar and I realised it’s a great way to see other people’s style!  On my first day, I saw the classic Ralph Lauren inspired Primark polo shirt and jeans, the occasional sport hoodie, and a gentlemen’s parka
from H&M.

I served a lady who had the most gorgeous tailored wool jacket on.  It’s a bit early to bring out the wool coat from attic hibernation, but the weather was heavy rain and wind, so I guess that is a reasonable fashion excuse.  It was in an areo mint green, I so so wanted to jump over the counter and steal it.

My uniform is a black polo shirt and trousers. It felt strange wearing
trousers, but for footwear I am wearing mary jane shoes with a block heel, not being seduced by flats!  One of my new colleagues did say that’s good, my feet have structure (Ha! take that flats :P).

I’m excited about the 15th of September because to congratulate ourselves for finding a job, George and I are going to Cosmo’s 😀 Bring on the sushi,
noodles and jelly.

Lucy xx

Skinnier Jeans – The New Trend

I came across these jeans whilst doing my rounds on the Daily Mail site, as you do.  They are skinny jeans that make you LOOK THINNER!  They have this stripe, you see, down the side, which is tapered towards the ankle, and it creates an illusion, making you look thinner!  Yay!

Now, I know i’m not fat.  Some of my friends still think I am positively THIN.  I’m not.  I think i’m just normal.  But we’ve all got hang ups, lumpy bits blah blah blah PICTURE!


This is Miranda Kerr in her designer pair . . .


And this is some Mail on Sunday woman modelling the George at Asda pair, to be launched soon.

They will be £16, from size 8 up to 24.

I’m still hung up on the two pairs I saw today.  White with tiny black hearts printed on, and a pale teal with flower print.  They’re £8 each in the sale.  I know which i’d rather go for.  But then, i’m greedy and need.more clothes.


Savile Row V Abercrombie & Fitch

This topic seemed to be a big talking point this weekend amongst a select few on Twitter, and it got column inches in the papers, so it must be important.  Abercrombie & Fitch want to open a children’s clothing store on Savile Row.  They already have an address picked out and an opening date.  Yet, the tailors on said street are not so keen on the idea.  I don’t blame them really.  You cannot really have ready to wear, trendy, American clothing being sold on what could arguably be called one of the most important postcodes for fashion in London.

A&F have a few restrictions on their opening day, imposed by the local council.  Pushchairs cannot be parked on the street.  They are not allowed to play music that can be heard outside of the shop.  They have been banned from having a fête and inviting celebrities to said event.  They are currently appealing this decision.

With their profits down by nearly 50%, what are their motives for opening in such a prestigious area?  Do they think people are going to go to Savile Row for kid’s clothing?  Or just ‘pop in’ on their way to buy a new suit?

Is there not a better, more suitable street to open on, like, Oxford Street?  Is that where Primark lives?  It kind of reminds me a little of when they wanted to open a chip shop on Priorslee, Telford, and all the residents complained that it would lower their house prices and encourage teenagers to hang around and scutty up the place.

I just wouldn’t have let A&F pay the rental deposit in the first case, and suggested they pick a more ‘appropriate location for their business’.


New Feature Coming MONDAY!

We’re starting a new feature on Monday!
What’s going to happen from now, is that every Monday we will feature a designer, make up artist, stylist, someone connected to the fashion industry and we’regoing to interview them!  YAY!  This won’t be any old boring interview though,with questions like ‘Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?’ and ‘How do you prepare for shows?’, noooo.  We’re going to ask interesting questions, like ‘Where can we buy your stuff?’ and ‘What is YOUR personal style?’.
I hate bland interviews.  I always want to know about the person BEHIND the business.  We can find out so much about the business themselves, but not always the people.  And though we will ask about the business (of course, we have to), we’re trying to focus on the humans behind it all.

It’s going to be fun.  We hope you’ll join us every Monday for our interview features.

And wait for the first installation – Lucy and I are going to answer the questions too . . .



It’s Not Vogue and Elle, It’s Ennis and Bolt!

The Olympics are here, which does result in the athlete uniform being
the MUST HAVE in the wardrobe.  Cycling shorts (cringe big time, i’m a
pear shape so these are my enemy), vests and jogging trousers are in all the high street shops.  Does this mean chav clothing is stylish??????  Sports magazines are the new Elle and Vogue, and the athletes are taking over the beauty adverts.  Jessica Ennis is at Olay, and the women’s swimming team are doin PR for the latest shaver. 

I’ll take part in this trend, but only the vests (as part of my pjs) cos it is so hot at the moment!  No trackies for me, proud to say I own none 🙂  It’s brill having the Olympics in Britain, Stella has done an ace job with the TeamGB kit.  It’s a bit too close in some body area places for my liking, but athletes are fit, lyrca is like cotton to them.

It’s going to be hard finding a shop that doesn’t have the sport trend, one that has stuck to the classic summer styles of dresses and denim.  Actually, I bet Marks and Spencers will, unless they get Twiggy in the lyrca TeamGB kit!  I highly doubt taht to be honest.

I like the Olympics.  I think of Greece, I think of Olympia, which leads me to Hercules, to short floaty Grecian style summer dresses.

I wonder which athlete will take Cole’s spot on the L’Oreal advert????? Athletes are the new models, but for how long?  And will Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony be as spectacular as Karl’s roundabout for Chanel?

Lucy xx

The Tantrum, Part Two

The fashion tantrum.

I walked into the room and went to the table to be told my labels are too big. I recut them, but considering thi’d had a whole week of a different answers, that very minute I lost it. I turned into the the Campbell, or the Anna Wintour.

I’d had enough. I like my work displayed the way it is, but they wouldnt budge so I lost it, and in the process I threw a scalpel into the display board in front of me and walked out.

Two fellow classmates ran after me asking what was up and I annoyingly couldn’t speak, I sort of have hiccups when I experience waterworks activity, and all I could say was my grades. I feel like i’ve been cheated! I made 6 delicate gorgeous collars entitled ‘One Must Wear The Finest’, and all i got was a C8.

!! That is equal to bad fashion press being given to the new partnership with Adidas and McCartney or dare I even type it the fashon council saying that Kate Middleton’s dress for the Jubliee was a Primark knock off! I worked tiredly hard (George can confirm I lived a lot of hours in the studio and uni library) and this is all I get?

Eventually, the tutor came and said ‘let’s not fall out over this, what’s the matter?’ and I looked at her, I controlled my inner Campbell / Wintour and said my grades, the pressure to acheive, that I felt cheated and for her to go away. She turned and said ‘Calm down, i’m not talking to you like this and don’t ever talk to a tutor like that.

I said go away not FU!

Friends calmed me down and I forced myself to say sorry to the tutors. One said ‘You could be at a police station now, there’s no excuse for throwing stuff’ I SO wanted to say call them, they can give me lift to Shrewsbury and at same time, get a bit of press for the degree show. But, I held my lipstick rouge – free lips and said nothing.

I walked out, went home and slept for a few hours in my new Marks and Spencer grandma PJ set.

I turned up to the degree show launch with cavalry in tow, my mum and lil sis, who were impressed I think, and before the tutors began a fashion episode of Judge Judy I introduced my mum and sister, and I got a HUG and that peck on cheek thing you see celebs do at the BAFTAS, or when a designer meets and greets an enemy, from the tutors! I know then i’m on thin ice, nothing was spoke of that morning, but I know i’ll get my punishment at the New Designers show if my Clothes Show dress doesn’t appear, and it will happen no matter what excuse, the skirt is too long or our models are as thin as a tv aerial and clothes won’t stay up!

I’m going to watch Chicago now, I need glitter and sparkle to make me better, hold my head up high, and then go Shrewsbury library to bombard employers with my CV.

Lucy x