Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask – Aloe And Willow

Another mask day rewiew!

I actually used this on Saturday, but I always try to leave it a few days, in case any side effects happen a few days afterwards (like the excessive oil production with one of the other masks).


This was a mud mask sent to me by Mystic. Gosh, she sent me so much stuff!

I was already in the shower when I decided to use a mask, so I pretty much just grabbed a random one. I had no specific need that morning. I opened it and noticed it smelled overwhelmingly ‘green’, of trees and plants, the way they smell after the rain when they have been mushed up a bit – just green. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t super horrid, so I went with it.

Just over ten minutes (or, in actual fact, two and a half Aerosmith songs) later, I rinsed it away. This was much easier in the shower than it is when i’m not in it!

My face was a little red, probably caused a bit the warm sponge, and a little from the product itself, but after it calmed down, I took a good look in the mirror.

My face was lovelt and clean. Smooth, shint (maybe a little too much), and no residue at all. I used my Garnier moisturiser and went about my day. By Saturday night, no breakouts had happened, and my face is still behaving, my skin still felt great.

Comments on new Garnier moisturiser to come!


Blue, Purple, Blue, Green

Here’s an update from the past month then…

Here is April 13th, testing new colours –



Testing, testing… Renbow shades Capri blue (No.44) and Cyclamen (No.41)

This was followed by April 16th –


Renbow No. 44 Capri Blue

But then by April 27th, it looked like this –

Washed out

It’s kinda gone green…

So, that’s been this month’s hair dye.  I also mixed my own bleach for the first time, some random brand called TruLites.  It worked well, I shall buy more.