Hair Update – New Hair!


I had a haircut! It needs dyeing though. Yuck boring.


Hair Update – School Hair

I’m back at school.  As a teaching assistant.  I went back last week and everything about me seemed to fascinate the children.  My tunnel, my hair, my nails.

So I thought i’d add to it.  I bought a bow with cats on it.



Hair Update – Rant Included

I’m sure if you dye or bleach your hair regularly, say, bi – monthly of the every other month variety, you would have heard at least once the helpful friend utter THIS –

‘You should stop dyeing your hair, it’ll all fall out!’

Now, I appreciate that may have happened to you, or a friend.  You may have had the unfortunate experience of dyeing your hair green with a box bleach.  The truth is, the worst I have ever had is when I bleached my hair and took it off too soon.  Aside from the time where I went swimming in a warm brine pool and it went really stretchy.  I have been dyeing my hair by my own hand for over ten years now, only once in a hairdressers.  I also worked in a hairdressers.  MY HAIR IS FINE.

Hair was a topic of conversation on Twitter recently.  A few of us realised we were kindred spirits, in that our hair either did not style, or could be abused to high hell and would not fall out.  Talk of 200 degree straighteners.  Hair that does not bleach.  Styles that fall out after an hour.

We are not like you.

Here is my hair update.

Renbow Capri Blue on previously bleached hair.



Blue, Purple, Blue, Green

Here’s an update from the past month then…

Here is April 13th, testing new colours –



Testing, testing… Renbow shades Capri blue (No.44) and Cyclamen (No.41)

This was followed by April 16th –


Renbow No. 44 Capri Blue

But then by April 27th, it looked like this –

Washed out

It’s kinda gone green…

So, that’s been this month’s hair dye.  I also mixed my own bleach for the first time, some random brand called TruLites.  It worked well, I shall buy more.