Parcel Swap Delivery

I love swapping!


I’m sorry for the awful picture 😦

I received a parcel yesterday. I swapped all of this for some handmade jewellery with a girl in a makeup group on Facebook. I am giving some of it away to another friend, but when I get round to using what is left, i’ll have plenty for reviews!

Maybe we could get Lucy in some too…



How To Be Blindsighted By Positivity

When I first went into the business of self employment, I didn’t think it would necessarily be easy, but I did expect to make some sales.  Now, two years in, I am happy if I get an extra like on the Facebook page or an extra hit on the Tictail.  Sales are mostly a pipe dream.

I started out with aspirations of becoming a wedding dress designer.  I had designed a load, and even made one.  I made another.  I had a photoshoot with some friends.  I got a broken toe in the process. 

Then it stopped.

I tried marketing, online stuff and in the directories.  I couldn’t afford to do fayres with no money coming in.  I even had a go at organising my own wedding fayre.  It was a drizzly day when it finally came round, and i’d had problems with both non – payment and table suppliers cancelling.  I was accused of not advertising, not making banners, not doing this and that, and I had pretty much given up before it had started.  The tables were cheap compared to the usual cost, yet I was threatened with legal proceedings for the matter of £35.

It all died down, I stopped being self employed and once again became unemployed.  It was one of the worst experiences of my life that was of my own making, having to give up the dream and work for someone else.  Except that didn’t really happen either.

I’ve picked it back up again, but on a much smaller scale.  I can’t afford to make the wedding dresses, and a lot of the jewellery I have made was made during my seasonal work.  When I make a sale, I buy new stock.  I have done an Indiegogo to raise money for new stock, and that was quite successful.  Only one pledge is still to be fulfilled.

I’m always beong moaned at for being negative.  The fact is, when something is my choice, I can be massively positive and enthusiastic.  And it usually comes back to bite me in the arse.  My insolvency is proof of that.  I’m not bankrupt, by any means, but I was seriously considering it this time last year.

I guess the moral is – go for it, but it doesn’t always go the way you want.  Keep that in mind.


Weekend: Cancelled

For the past few weeks I have been telling people I have a stall in Dudley this coming Sunday. The email for it came through around the start of June. It was an offer of a free stall for anyone who participated in the Love Your Local Market event.

I heard nothing for weeks. I mean, weeks. Over a fortnight. So I emailed, as you do.

I informed my volunteer family that I would probably not be able to make Sunday, and after trying to figure out all alternatives, including going up at six in the evening, we decided to miss this week. Which is hard to tell an Aspie child.

Today, I received an email saying it was cancelled. The email was a forward of one that had been sent to everyone else on June 20th. A week and a half ago. Thanks for that. The woman thinks she ‘missed me off the list’ and so ‘forgot’ to send it to me.

The child I help doesn’t like change, so calling them up now and saying the weekend is back ON is disruptive. Also, if I booked one for next weekend, that’s also pretty unacceptable. So thanks a lot, you have fucked up my entire fortnight from your bad planning, Dudley Council.


Geeky Engagements

Whilst pottering around on Twitter on Wednesday, I saw this (CLICKY LINKY).  Those of you who know me well will know, I am a bit of a geek.  But this engagement ring goes a bit far for me.


I know some of you will not clicky the linky.  So i’ll explain. The above link leads you to an article containing this image –

VaLa Jewellery

a Star Trek Enterprise engagement ring.  With a white sapphire.  There is some relevance to the gemstone used, some callback to an early episode.


I am not a fan of Star Trek.  Firefly, Big Bang Theory and various anime / manga are much more my thing.  I do not own much geekery myself, well, not much that is not Nintendo related.  I love Nintendo.  W does not like Star Trek much either, but at least he understands more of it than I do.  He gets the jokes.  I do not.


Would anyone here ever accept such a thing as an engagement ring, or even just wear it as a piece of jewellery?



A Bad Lesson On Fashion

I recently did a trade with my Twitter friend @sirenmoonbee.  She makes the most twee little earrings, with bows on them!  As part of this trade, I also requested two steampunk clock part rings, on for me, and one for W, my other half.  He said he liked Steampunk, but it wasn’t a trend he would ‘get in on’.  I went ahead and got him one anyway.  He went ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ when I offered it to him, then put it on.  And wore it out.  All the way round Asda and back home again.  When he got home, we both decided they were ‘dress rings’, or as I call these particular items of clothing or accessories ‘posing wear’.  For going to gigs and stuff, those days when you need to make an impression, or ‘one up’ someone.  I always try that at gigs.  Best dressed band groupie is my award.  Got to be, I am the vocalist’s girlfriend, after all.

He’s going to use his ring in their next photoshoot.  I, however, am going to use it as part of this lesson.  A lesson on Steampunk.  It’s not going to be much  of a lesson, as I don’t know all that much about it, so it’ll be a lesson for both of us, I suppose.

I have a few friends who are into Steampunk.  They like wearing goggles and stuff.  Victorian clothing.  Most of them are geeks.  Not the book loving type, but the I – live – my – life – through – Warcraft type of geek.  Steampunk reapplies the use of brass, leather and iron and puts them in places they probably shouldn’t belong.  Metal keys on keyboards.  Cogs and things instead of hinges.  Or just for decoration.  Think of steam carriages, and the workings inside the engine.  That’s how it all looks.  It’s all about history.  It’s really an extension on the retro fashion that is so in at the moment, except instead of going back to the Sixties, or the Thirties, go back to the Victorian times.  Add some Around The world in Eighty Days, a bit of Jules Verne, and a monocle, lots and lots of polished brass.

That was a rubbish lesson.  Here’s a picture of the ring I got.  Please excuse my nail varnish.