When Life Just Gets In the Way

You may have noticed that in the past few months, neither Lucy nor I have managed to post anything regularly.  To be honest,amongst stress, a sprained foot, work, a new job, university, changing course, self employment on both ends and a new career in writing, neither of us have really felt up to it.  Fitting in that two or three hours to write and edit blog posts has just been pure murder.

But, we are back.  I promise there will be something up at least once a week, preferably with some writing attached 🙂




Oh Look, A New Samantha Brickface – The Woman Who Claims She Is Too Pretty To Take A Job.

This is Laura Fernee. Her mummy and daddy pay for everything, because some men at work fancied her so she left.


How’s Life After Uni?

A week or two ago, I met up with a friend who is now in their final year at the Uni I went to. Straight away we were chatting and gossiping, thing like are all the tutors still there and the same as ever, and particularly hearing about the one and only male tutor of pattern cutting. It made me smile, confirming to me his aim to become the future head of the course.

They asked the big question ‘How’s life after uni, have you found an industry job yet?’. My answer was ‘Hun, after Uni, in my opinion you –
1) catch up on sleep
2) constantly use internet’.

Mainly for looking at Drapers and Selvedge for industry jobs, and most importantly meanwhile are all the job sites for everyday jobs, to bring in money to pay for all your goodies now that you have said a tearful goodbye to a student loan that helped you pay for everything. Offically,now, you are independent, on your own in big adult tough world.

After Uni I job searched on Drapers and Selvedge, a few jobs took my fancy but not all. I’m good with customers, as my collegues tell me at Spar where I am at the moment. It’s keeping my bank account in check and i’m happily no longer worrying where my money is going to come from, but i’ve got no interest in being a buyer etc, that equals too much stress right away to me.

My plan currently is to give my up and running website Lucy Rhiannon Gittins a healthy, much needed update, and add a diary to it to happily show off my Victoria and Albert Museum contact (still searching for the right frame for the letter, and the email recently confirming I am in a filing cabinet there !!!! 🙂 🙂 I’ll add some new prints for cross stitch kits because that’s what I want to do. The waiting game for me is saving up money for Photoshop so I can create more kitsch cross stitch kits. I have got all my prints from Uni projects to keep me going for some time, I reckon I did over 150 print ideas for my Singer sewing machine print using the mechanics of the machine for a print. Writing this makes me want to add at least 4 new slide shows now for all my projects. I now have got Mac Stitch to transform my prints, all I need is for my next day off so I can plug in my printer, do a test run of one of my ideas, sew it (obviously), then put it up on here and send it to one of my fave cross stitch magazines to say ‘You inspired me to use my prints, that are just sitting ion my USB stick taking up space, due to my current part time job helping overdraft come down!’.

This is the patience waiting game for myself, because i’m waiting for my next day off work, making sure i’ve got enough money and can afford Photoshop, seeing if my printer and scanner still work, and making sure i’ve got the bus money to get to the library!

Two places for internet to me are the library, a maximum of two hours a day, and my mum and dad’s at Bayston Hill where all my stuff is. I live with my nan but believe me, my stuff is safer at Bayston Hill than here, and also internet is so slow at this house WiFi remains unfound! There is a PC here, but it’s in the shed and it runs on Windows 95, it makes library computers look like an ITablet!

My next day off is Monday, so i’ll head to the library, give the website an update and a good clean up. Then I will aim for the cross stitch test!

Lucy xxx

Style At Spar

I have started my new job at Spar and I realised it’s a great way to see other people’s style!  On my first day, I saw the classic Ralph Lauren inspired Primark polo shirt and jeans, the occasional sport hoodie, and a gentlemen’s parka
from H&M.

I served a lady who had the most gorgeous tailored wool jacket on.  It’s a bit early to bring out the wool coat from attic hibernation, but the weather was heavy rain and wind, so I guess that is a reasonable fashion excuse.  It was in an areo mint green, I so so wanted to jump over the counter and steal it.

My uniform is a black polo shirt and trousers. It felt strange wearing
trousers, but for footwear I am wearing mary jane shoes with a block heel, not being seduced by flats!  One of my new colleagues did say that’s good, my feet have structure (Ha! take that flats :P).

I’m excited about the 15th of September because to congratulate ourselves for finding a job, George and I are going to Cosmo’s 😀 Bring on the sushi,
noodles and jelly.

Lucy xx

Mum, You Stick With Twiggy, Yeah? No Offence . . . But . . .

When taking a break from the direct.gov job – site (which seems to take ages to upload new jobs sometimes), I looked at the new arrivals at River Island online.
Immediately, I go to the shoes section, and indulged in window shopping all the new heels.  Whilst I was doing this, my mum was peeping over my shoulder and making outrageous comments like ‘Ooo them ones are like bondage, they look minging!’  ‘They happen to be black and cream two tone heels’, I replied. 

‘You read my Elle and Company mags, they are classic chic style for this time of year, for work wear summer season’ I told her, feeling like i’m in a episode of Law and Order UK, and making my opinion the right one and correct one.

I’ll remind her of this next time she looks at the gladiator sandals in M&S and says ‘They suit me dont they’ and legs to the counter.  I’ll reply ‘Reminds me of them gorgeous RI shoes that you incorrectly labelled ‘minging’ and ‘bondage’.  RI IS COOL and CHIC. 

Mum, you get me the RI print dress, and ill forgive you.  Deal breaker, I think ;D 

Lucy xx