Slight Change Of Course… But Not Direction

I had my think. A long think. Last night and the night before. And so i’ve decided to change to a Law LLB degree.

I sent the email last night to request a change. Then I remembered how they still haven’t got back to me about the email I sent last week. Was it last week? I appreciate it’s Easter… So I phoned them. And it’s sorted.

I have chosen the broad pathway, which means I get free choice of modules at the start of my degree. I wanted to do ‘Reading Classical Greek’, but I’d have to wait until February (I think) for it to start, as I have to pass 60 credits at level one before I can do a level two module. I’ve LITERALLY just, as i’m writing this, had a brainwave though. If I do W100, that ends in September / October, and then pick up a 30 credit module in October, I can do the Greek module in February, without a gap in studies! Hm, i’ll have to look into that.

I’ve withdrawn from DD101,  as I do not want this as my free choice. It’s a damn boring module, but as they keep telling me, it’s meant to be general. I don’t like it. By withdrawing, they keep my student loan from it, and offer me 90% off another module. Which is better value than any other withdrawal. I’d expected to have to pay 75% of the module costs at this stage. But no! Only the ten percent.

I’m happy to be on the LLB, but again, I feel i’ve wasted time by being on the other one. Damnit.



I’m still trying to justify the validity of Criminology over a simple Law LLB. I have emailed the learner support team about W100, as on my pathway for my degree, I will not get the Certificate in Legal Practice. If I switch to an LLB, I will, and it’s probably more useful than criminology. Also, when I was in college I completely failed psychology, so i’m now doubting myself a bit as that core module gets closer. I’m not sure I even really want to do it!

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know this is not a new development in my thinking. I need to hurry up and decide!

Britney Spears Steps Out In Stained Sweatpants – But Do We Care?

My news widget stream threw this great gem out at me today-

Really? This is newsworthy? She got a stain on her trousers. The article suggests it may be water. It’s not there in a later photo.



But look! There’s another one by her left foot!

This whole article seems to have been written just to speculate. She may have a job in Vegas. She could be breaking the law by being on her phone, if she was driving.

Poor effort, Daily Mail.

My Head Is All Confuzzled

My head is all confuzzled. I say this because, as much as I love the idea of criminology, studying the reasons behind the crimes, the people and all, i’m thinking, maybe, if I just did law, it would be a lot easier…

I could go out and get a job at a law firm. Criminology could be my hobby. But I always have to be different. That’s just how I am. Criminology puts images of Poirot and Columbo in my head. I always wanted to be Columbo.

I don’t want to study an Open course. I want a proper title to my degree.

I’m stuck 😦