All You Can Eat – The Challenge

Yesterday was my ‘birthday party’ of sorts. I’m 25 on the 5th, so I may as well do something. So what I did was invite my friends out to Cosmo, a pan – Asian, all – you – can – eat, out of town retail park eatery.

Lucy and I have been there before, but she couldn’t switch her shifts to book the night off and come along, so sadly, we went without her. My friend from school, Thylaylii, came along. It was with her that the roughly bi / tri – annual outing started (it used to coincide with student loan payments). We met at Asda Molineux beforehand, with the intention of coffee, but it closed as we got there. So we went to Bentley Bridge and bought coffee) and a starter for me) from McDonald’s instead.

Also in attendance was Shell, the drummer from our band Until Death Calls, Kirsty and Mirriam from work, and also Kayleigh from work. Who brought along her vegetarian boyfriend. To a meal with carnivores. Surrounded my meat. LOL sorry Simon!

Here’s a few pictures (none of me, however).


Plate two?






Simon and Shell...




The 'ewww' chocolate fountain bowl


Tilty Kay


Our table decoration (I had no hand in this).

I received cards and gifts; chopsticks, a pot noodle with timer, and a pint of cider.

And it was fun! Must give Lucy more notice for the next one though. Hmph. Stupid Spar.


Search Engine Results

I check my blog stats every day. Usually more than I probably should. It’s exciting to me, seeing people read what i’ve written. I do it maybe one an hour, for both blogs, as I also co – author WinsAndWounds, a loosely fashion / life type of blog, along with my friend Lucy.

So when I checked my stats today, I found that one of you had found this blog through searching the ESSAY TITLE! Then, a bit later, another person!


Were you hoping to find a pre – written essay maybe? Naughty naughty! Or just some help? Fair enough.

So I searched for TMA03 myself. And as it happens, The Impulsive Student is the top result!


So, thanks for all the clicks, and views, and visitors, as that all helps me rank higher. But, I will be watching what I write even closer now, as you really shouldn’t be searching for help on the oh – so – trusty interwebs…

An Ever Changing Rainbow

That is my hair. An ever changing rainbow.

I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was twelve or thirteen. My first experience was a trip to a hairdressers in Telford, when shopping with a friend. Danni and I used to go up town every Saturday at about 9am, my dad would take me, pick her up along the way, and off we’d go to town until about midday. Which is a feat in itself in Telford. This particular morning, I saw that the hairdressers were doing foils for either £5 or £10 each, I don’t remember. But I texted my dad and asked, and his usual one word text reply came. This one said ‘OK’.

So I booked in, had barely any time to wait, and my hair was done. A few burgundy streaks put into my mousey hair. And then the was no end to it.

I went onto Wella mousse, in the blue, rounded containers, then various others, until I settled on Directions, Schwarzkopf Live colours, and B Blonde.

Today my hair is going through the process of going white, a colour I haven’t managed to do yet. But this was my most recent colour.


So now, every time I dye my hair, I’ll give you an update, as it’s not that uncommon, and it adds a bit more to the fashion side to it all! Lucy will nit be joining us, however, because she STILL HASNT DYED HER HAIR. I did offer, but she never took it up!

Here is a gallery of some photos I could find.


This August




October 2011


Probably 2009/10


Early 2012


Magda's birthday, 2008


Uni era, Easter 2008


We Asked . . . Lucy Gittins

To kick off our new feature, called ‘We Asked . . .’, Lucy is here, answering the questions we will pose every week to a variety of designers, illustrators, other bloggers, photographers, make up artists and generally ANYONE in the fashion industry we can find to agree to answering the questions!

We find standard interviews a tad boring sometimes, so when you get to the bottom, you’ll find some fun, slightly more unusual questions . . .

1.   Tell me a little about yourself and your business.

I am a 23 year old woman who lives in Shrewsbury, i’ve just come back from my final year at University, and have recently just finished unpacking the final bag of shoes at my Grandma’s house, where I live.  My business project that will take off the ground in the up and coming future will be cross stitch charts that are dynamic, fun and beautiful.  I will be using some of my University designs that I never took forward, like the repeat patterns, and i shall also make new repeat & individual pattern works of mine.

I also co – write WinsAndWounds!

2.   When did you realise you wanted to do the job you were doing?  How did it all start?

I first realised I wanted to do this in my textiles class in year 7 with my fantastic tutor Miss Walsh.  My project idea was to make a dress based on Disney’s little mermaid, I still have the dress and it got my first ever A*!!!  I was so happy, no one could take that smile from my face.  The embroidery part of the dress launched my addiction to cross – stitch, and I got my very first magazine in February 2003 and stitched my first piece, which was an A3 flower fairy.  That’s where my idea started, i’ve even got diary entries to prove it!

3.   How long have you worked in the industry?

Not very long professionally, but I had work experience in the summer of 2008 in one of the high street shops in Shrewsbury called Hunkydory, selling handbags.

4.   What is YOUR personal style?

My personal style is PRINT PRINT PRINT.  My outfit of each day will be a single or repetitive print dress in 50’s shift style, nipped in at the waist and flaring out, with printed tights to add more diversity.  Final touches are shoes and a bag, in pastel shades of two of the bolder colours from the dress and tights.

5.   Who are some of your favourite designers, both professionally and personally?

My favorite designers are Matthew Williamson and his Butterfly collection at Debenhams.  In 2005, whilst in Stockport, I got a bag from his Spring collection for my prom and it was my first designer high street piece.  I also adore Mary Katrantzou,the second I saw her lampshade dress in my copy of Elle I searched Shrewsbury high street and Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre for a high street counterpart, and River Island came up trumps.  I also like Ted Baker for his bags.  One day I aim to own a Chanel and Louis Vuitton bag. 

6.   What/where are your favourite stores and websites to shop?

My favorite shops to go are Miss Selfridge and Oasis, they never let me down for gorgeous floral prints, and Red Herring at Debenhams for abstract printed pieces.  Additionally, River Island and New Look for heels, Marks and Spencer also have some cool heels, you just gotta look past all the slippers and flats.  I like Accessorize for big weekend bags, and River Island for shoulder/hand held bags.  And the website of Dorothy Perkins. 

7.   If you could pick any era to live in, for the fashion, which would it be and why?

The 1920’s for the Elsa Schiaparelli pieces and the 1950′ s for the pearls and peplums.  My body is a pear shape, I have love handles and the Fifties embrace that.  The dresses in my current wardrobe are my body’s most complementing silhouette.

8.   Do you consider yourself an artist?

I definitely do consider myself an artist, I have the Honours degree and Diploma in addition to my personal sketchbooks for evidence.

9.   What advice do you have for people aspiring to work in your field?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you dream of, stand your ground and SHOW THEM!

10.   Where can readers find out more about you and your work, and if you sell products, where can people buy them?

My Facebook page has a number of University work images, participating in New Designers gave me free access to Arts Thread, so the Powerpoint of my work is showcased on there.  By emailing me at I can send you my business card and more copywritten work. 

Now some fun quick questions!

What was your first ever job?

My first ever job was when I was 17, being a dinner lady for my sister’s friend’s primary school, employed by Tameside Council.

What is your favourite ice cream?

Ben and Jerry’s No Hesitation.

Pepsi, Coke or Dr Pepper?

None, I like dandelion and burdock.

New Shoes!

I bought new shoes when Lucy came to visit on Wednesday.  I kinda needed them, I had found one of my Schuh shoes had started coming apart, as well as a few of my other shoes already being broke.  I hate throwing shoes away, even when they’re past the point of no return, because they cost so much! Once, I had a pair of New Rocks, I bought them when I was fourteen. I only threw them out about three years ago, as i’d worn down the heel, the sole at the toe, and had worn the leather inside the back of the heel and ankle back to the outer leather.  I could have got them reheeled, but i’m not sure they could completely reline the boot! They cost me £80 at the time I bought them, and even though i’d had them 7 years or so, I still couldn’t bring myself to put £80 in the bin.


These are my new shoes.  Which reminds me, I need to hoover . . .

£17.99, Deichmann.