Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask – Aloe And Willow

Another mask day rewiew!

I actually used this on Saturday, but I always try to leave it a few days, in case any side effects happen a few days afterwards (like the excessive oil production with one of the other masks).


This was a mud mask sent to me by Mystic. Gosh, she sent me so much stuff!

I was already in the shower when I decided to use a mask, so I pretty much just grabbed a random one. I had no specific need that morning. I opened it and noticed it smelled overwhelmingly ‘green’, of trees and plants, the way they smell after the rain when they have been mushed up a bit – just green. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t super horrid, so I went with it.

Just over ten minutes (or, in actual fact, two and a half Aerosmith songs) later, I rinsed it away. This was much easier in the shower than it is when i’m not in it!

My face was a little red, probably caused a bit the warm sponge, and a little from the product itself, but after it calmed down, I took a good look in the mirror.

My face was lovelt and clean. Smooth, shint (maybe a little too much), and no residue at all. I used my Garnier moisturiser and went about my day. By Saturday night, no breakouts had happened, and my face is still behaving, my skin still felt great.

Comments on new Garnier moisturiser to come!


Another Parcel From Kitty

So, last week I received another parcel from Kitty. It arrived on the 8th, but I haven’t been able to blog about it properly until today as work, study, and life just seems to have taken me over this week.

I had bought some of Kitty’s unwanted Memebox items off her. If you don’t know what Memebox is, go clicky linky and take a look. It’s like a non – subscription form of a subscription box from Korea, and it usually contains the most adorable things you could imagine. Or, just really useful stuff. Go look!

I did not photo the outside of the packaging. Nobody needs to know my address. But this was the box inside –


One of her repurposed Memeboxes 😀

I had bought a few things, maybe six, seven things, so when I opened the box –


– it looked pretty full!

I have seen a lot of people talk about these Shara Shara sheet masks, so I am excited to try one. It was a nice surprise as I hadn’t bought one from her!


There are sheet masks, a clay mask, eye creams, a lip tint, lip essences, eyeliners, a primer, more eyeliner, a small roller of perfume, and some miniatures.

I had asked for the perfume for Lucy’s Christmas present, but I gave it to her Wednesday in Maccys. Because.

I hope to review almost all of these, so there’s plenty more posts to come! Oh dear! I’m getting a few too many lip products now!

Hopefully Lucy will review her perfume, when she isn’t busy setting up her amazing new cross stitch chart business. We are both businesswomen now!


Volcano Mask (Poundland)

Today, I tried one of these –


I got these, and two tea tree masks, all for a pound in Poundland. It was a cheap, fun, impulse buy.

I opened one of the capsule – like containers and started to put it on. It instantly heated up… and then stopped. It cooled again. Half of my face was cold as I continued to apply the rest of the clay mask to my other cheek and forehead area.

It said to leave it on for a minute, so I followed the instructions and removed it fairly quick after applying and the subsequent cooling.

This was over twelve hours ago now, and all that’s really happened is that two very small spots have come out on my chin. My skin felt nice straight after removal and cleansing, but it didn’t really last. It doesn’t feel like it has done anything at all.

I hope the tea tree masks (or were they green tea? I’m doubting myself now!) are better, but for the equivalent of 25p it made my face warm for a bit. Maybe i’ll keep the other one for when I run out of electric and have no heating!

Montagne Jeunesse Pawpaw Peel Off Pore Blast

A week or so ago I used this –


Now, I know it seems a bit slack to leave it a week to post up a review, but see, I wanted to see how it was going to go. I’ll explain a bit further down…

This smelled LOVELY. It was fruity, tropical, I assume it smelled of pawpaw. I don’t think i’ve ever had one. Is it another name for papaya? I really liked the scent. The consistency was as you would expect, clear, sticky, gets between your fingers a bit.

I put it on my face and went back to watch television. It felt good, no stinging or dripping, and I felt it start to peel itself off round the edges as I opened my mouth after it dried. It came off fairly well, quite large pieces (except for the bits from my eyebrows, as usual). My face was left clearer, smoother and the pores were indeed a little less noticeable.

Now, this is why I left it a week to review. Nothing else in my routine has changed.  Yet, within a few hoirs of using this, my face got really oily. And it’s fairly oily as it is. I can only assume it was this masque that created the oily breakout, which in the coming days resulted in a terrible spot coming out on my jawline.

Probably not for me.

So, it smells great, but made my face

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Mask

I’ve just finished washing this off my face –


II was really naughty though.  I habe no idea how long it was on my face.  I was enjoying the smell too much as it surrounded my face in loveliness.

This mask is a self heating mask, with the texture, appropriately, of the scent it is attempting to imitate.  It felt like I had pasted my face with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which for anyone not familiar is an orange oil infused milk chocolate ball, roughly fist sized.  You should try one. 

The mask was heavenly.  The heat didn’t last as long as I would have liked, probably as long as it took from me to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom and sit down, but it was a pleasant heat, rather than a more intense heat that other brands give.

I think it was on for about twenty minutes.  I think.  I wouldn’t like to put money on it.  As ever, I got it in my hair, and struggled to wash it off properly, but now I have, my face feels soft.  My pores are meant to be cleansed, and looking in the mirror I must admit, I think the job has been done.  They are visible, but there is nothing in them.  Lovely and clean.  With no tightness, which I get from a lot of products.

I rate this one highly.  Very highly indeed, on both effect and fragrance.