BBC News – Oscar Pistorius Suspected Of Shooting Model Girlfriend I kind of hope this is a very unfortunate misreporting, but it’s very unlikely.


Swimming In Style

I noticed something today, whilst watching the Olympics.

What I noticed was – nearly all the swimmers I saw in the pool had nail varnish on. I really noticed when the 15 year old Lithuanian gold medalist, Ruta Meilutyte, won her final race, the 100m breaststroke.

She won her country’s first ever Olympic gold, and with her nails painted in the colours of her national flag, this is how she looked –


A few other athletes also had painted nails. Winning medals and looking pretty at the same time! I wonder if she’ll be sponsored by a beauty company now?

Well done Ruta!

Olympic Wool?

I just looked back through this week’s Radio Times and they are advertising knitted athletes patterns to purchase.  So cool in my opinion! 

I am in total awe of peeps who can knit, so you can knit yourself an Usain Bolt!  Personally i’d rather have a knitted a Philip Idowu, I love his red hair 😀  He’s the man!

This lead me to think, for next years S/S collections, fashion houses should do sport equipment prints and they can follow it through to A/W with knitwear made from the wool of the sheep that are going to be in tonight’s ceremony.  They can dye it the TeamGB colours and flag colours of the other countries, so whoever wins the most medals, their country’s flag colours will be used to dye the wool (as well as TeamGB) for next year’s Burberry coats and Westwood jumpers. Westwood would be good, because if a country with just a single colour wins the most then she can easily use her magic to make that  piece of wool for a jumper stand out, maybe graffiti print it with a trainspotting line, or many many opening ceremony drafts in Danny Boyle’s own handwriting, linking it back to the Olympics.

Lucy xx

It’s Not Vogue and Elle, It’s Ennis and Bolt!

The Olympics are here, which does result in the athlete uniform being
the MUST HAVE in the wardrobe.  Cycling shorts (cringe big time, i’m a
pear shape so these are my enemy), vests and jogging trousers are in all the high street shops.  Does this mean chav clothing is stylish??????  Sports magazines are the new Elle and Vogue, and the athletes are taking over the beauty adverts.  Jessica Ennis is at Olay, and the women’s swimming team are doin PR for the latest shaver. 

I’ll take part in this trend, but only the vests (as part of my pjs) cos it is so hot at the moment!  No trackies for me, proud to say I own none 🙂  It’s brill having the Olympics in Britain, Stella has done an ace job with the TeamGB kit.  It’s a bit too close in some body area places for my liking, but athletes are fit, lyrca is like cotton to them.

It’s going to be hard finding a shop that doesn’t have the sport trend, one that has stuck to the classic summer styles of dresses and denim.  Actually, I bet Marks and Spencers will, unless they get Twiggy in the lyrca TeamGB kit!  I highly doubt taht to be honest.

I like the Olympics.  I think of Greece, I think of Olympia, which leads me to Hercules, to short floaty Grecian style summer dresses.

I wonder which athlete will take Cole’s spot on the L’Oreal advert????? Athletes are the new models, but for how long?  And will Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony be as spectacular as Karl’s roundabout for Chanel?

Lucy xx