Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

This is one of the items that Mystic ordered for me, I briefly discussed her ordering Korean cosmetics for us in this post.


Look at the packaging! SQUEE!


Here it is out of the box. A plastic bunny with little ears!


When you take the cap off, there is a plastic cap that keeps your stick of perfume clean.


And when you take the top off, you can twist uo the bar to rub the perfume on your wrists.

Mystic bought this for me from a seller on eBay called sing-sing-girl, it was just over £5.


The scent I asked for and received was Coco Floral, which is a talcy, mildly flowery scent, described by the company Tony Moly as a ‘subtle, feminine, floral scent’. I’m not good with flowers, so I can’t pin it down, but it isn’t very rosey and definitely not lavender, but it is a light smell, not a heavy, deep scent.

It’s a lovely scent, which lasts around three hours at work. I put some on my wrists before I put the gloves on and a few days later I could still smell it in the fabric.

Well worth the money. And the wait for shipping  🙂


Eau De Telford

I stepped foot into Telford’s Primark on a Saturday at half eleven.  I survived, and I lived to get the dress.

I got the dress George showed me last week in Birmingham, and the only one left was my size.  Could it be a sign?  Good timing?  Someone had mixed it up with the tops in the mens department where I spotted it.  Either way I got a new very pretty dress to twirl around Shrewsbury in and do cross stitch.


Observing my new dress I instantly knew I needed some matching shoes.  I’ve never been keen on Primarni shoes, so went to a trustworthy fave of mine – Dorothy Perkins, where I spotted THE SHOES in the window and nearly knocked over a faux model or two to reach them.  I had to have them because they tap into the everlasting print trend which I adore and have a cut out on one side – a homage to modern tailored.


New shoes – tick.  New dress – tick.


My perfume is still full and i’m still in awe of my River Island bag I got the other month.  In other words – no bags took my liking.  So I headed to Waterstones and while mooching at books in the classic section, and spying some Linda la Plante I spotted the word – perfume.

Part of me thought wow make your own perfume – grown up George’s Marvellous Medicine, but perfume perhaps, you never know!  It wasn’t sadly, but it is an intriguing account from a Parisian fragrance writer.  I’m hooked already even though im putting down for Eurovision – Come on Bonnie Tyler!!!!!!


Now to label my new threads before Eurovision…

Lucy xxx

Massive Perfume Review!

The 8 perfumes I have looked at are –
Amor Amor Cacharel
Anais Anais Cacharel
Diamonds Emporio Armani
Orange Boss
Fuel for Life Unlimited Diesel
Joy of Pink Lacoste
Nina Nina Ricci
Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci

Amor Amor I liked a lot, it reminded me of Loverdose by Diesel with fusions of jasmine and mandarin, with heaps of sandalwood and cedar. This can be easily worn all day and night long, team with a suit and you are superwoman!

Anais Anais is a good scent, with spoonfuls of various florals with blackcurrant, which reminds me of all the M&S perfume sets my gran has on her dressing table, so it’s audience is probably the Judi Dench / Julie Andrews wannabe.

I’m biased. This was is one of my true favourites ever, Diamonds by Armani. Bursting with berries and florals, with added vanilla and cedarwood. I can’t make a 30ml bottle last more than a week, I drench myself in it that much. Wear with anything, even pjs I think!

Orange by Boss is like a fruit salad and vanilla ice cream dessert. Peach, apple, plum, and orange with vanilla. A scent to wear with your pastel tea dress and leather hand bag, for spring and summer. For autumn and winter, it’s a scent for your tailored wool coat and pencil skirt and blouse.

I’m a big fan of the original Diesel Fuel For Life, so when I tried Fuel For Life Unlimited it was a pleasent surprise. It is a more dusky, masculine version of the original, with a stronger cinnamon aura. Again, like Armani Diamonds, wear with anything.

Joy Of Pink is the twin scent perhaps to Touch Of Pink by Lacoste. It has a mix of forest fruits and musk scents. Lacoste is the sports label powerhouse, they are to sportswear what the handbag is to Chanel. They own the sports throne.

Nina Ricci and Ricci Ricci I have sadly never contemplated, mainly because i’ve always preferred DKNY’s Be Delicious, fresh green apple, whereas the two Riccis are apple, but with added fruit touches and sandalwood. Wear these to a romantic date, a shopping spree with friends, or a day out in Wales or on the border.

Nearly all scents had either sandalwood or cedarwood as their basis. these are important ingredients, boosting the florals and the fruits. I adore perfume as Georgina will certainly confirm, having seen me many times getting giddy in the perfume section in Boots. It’s an important ingredient to an ly outfit and mood.

Lucy xx

Celebrity Perfume Christmas Wars

Every year, women get perfume as gifts. Me included. My landlady once bought me some. Thing is, you can’t guarantee the person will like the smell, unless the person is Lucy, and you buy her the DKNY apple things. And every year, some ‘celebrity’ releases a perfume. And they usually smell like yuck. The only perfumes I have bought have been a German one that my Nan used to get, it’s centuries old, and comes in wipes as well as in a bottle, and is called 4711, and I’ve also bought two Gwen Stefani ‘Harajuku Lovers’ scents. I am not the best person to talk about the trend of buying these as dodgy gifts at Christmas, but hey, i’ve started now…

Every celebrity fragrance i’ve smelled (Boots don’t class Harajuku as a celebrity fragrance range) has smelt iffy at best. I once had a man offer me a card with some crap he’d sprayed on it at the Clothes Show, and it was a celebrity perfume. It smelt like it was for men. I also had a free sample of Kate Moss’ perfume, which I subsequently threw in Lucy’s direction. My friend in college had all of Britney Spears’ perfumes, which at that time was two, and I didn’t like those either. It makes me wonder – who makes these perfumes? They always smell BAD.

This year’s choice is –

Lady Gaga – Fame

Justin Bieber – Girlfriend

Katy Perry – Meow

Katy Perry – Purr

Amy Childs – she couldn’t be arsed to come up with a name for hers.

Kylie – Music Box

Kylie – Pink Sparkle

Kylie – Darling

Kate Moss – Truly Adorable

Kate Moss – Just like Amy Childs, this one is named after herself.


SJP – Lovely

Christina Aguilera – Royal Desire

Christina Aguilera – By Night

Christina Aguilera – Self titled … Again …

Britney Spears – Fantasy

Britney Spears – Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears – Circus Fantasy

Britney Spears – Radiance

Britney Spears – Curious

J Lo – Love and Glamour

J Lo – Live

J Lo – Glow

Beyonce – Heat Rush

Beyonce – Heat

Beckham Signature

Intimately Beckham

So, there’s a few. And some of you will undoubtedly receive one of these as a gift. I do so feel sorry for you.


Do YOU Like The Smell Of People?

Perfume.  This is an area much more suited to Lucy.  However, today, this is my topic.  It is my topic, as today it will become a mini science lesson, and a trip into the weird and wonderful.  A few weeks ago, I found an article in Metro.  For our  (few) international readers, Metro is a newspaper regularly left in the ticket areas of train stations, at the front of buses, and occasionally on seats / floors / racks of public transport for people to freely take, no charge, to give you something to do on your daily commute.  On this particular day, I was travelling to a college for an assessment, when I read this article.  An article on the smells of perfume.

Most people know what perfume smells of, I suppose. Flowers, musk, fruit,wood, earthy undertones and all that.  But why?  Why are these smells so attractive?  Well, according to this article, it is because they smell like us.  Our bodily smells.

Sandalwood is a fragrance I see everywhere.  I always thought it smelt like, well, you know, WOOD?  Turns out, yes, but no.  It actually smells sweaty.  Isn’t that nice?  One part of the article quotes a fragrance expert, Ms. Williams, who says that she went on a trip to ‘see and smell’ orchids, as she put it, and that ‘one orchid smelt like semen’.  Now, I can’t say I have ever noticed this, but generally, I do not go around smelling flowers, with hayfever and whatnot.  And it is not limited to orchids either.  Flowers that contain ‘indolic materials‘ have a smell not dissimilar to poo.  This is because, as the above link says, it is a naturally occuring component of faeces, but in low concentrations it has a flowery odour.  So essentially, my shit really does smell of roses.

So, we have that covered.  When you wear perfume, you smell like crap.  Sorry, but it’s the truth!  What other odd things go into perfume?

Most people know about ambergris, I imagine mainly because of THAT Futurama episode.  Ambergris is a solid mass of bile secretion, that is either spat up or pooed out, by sperm whales.  Intestinal tract fluids.  Yummy!  Real ambergris is expensive, at $20 a gram.  For comparison, the most expensive spice in the world, saffron is £3.50 for half a gram in Tesco.

Civet is a small wild cat.  It is also the name given in perfumery to the scent extracted from the glands of the same animal.  Glands being sexual organs.  Scent being pheromones.  You catch my drift . . . Musk is the same.  Basically, musk, the standard smell for old ladies round the country (and a Body Shop essential), is from deer.  I always wondered why I disliked the smell of musk, and now I know.  It is because I really do NOT like smelling like deer testicles.

Hyraceum, or African Stone, is the ‘fossilised’ urine of the south African dwelling Cape Hyrax, a type of big guinea pig.  The urine is dug up from the earth, and is meant to smell similar to a mix of various animal musks and tobacco.

And finally, artificial vanilla scents can be extracted from cow dung.  So, next time you are dousing yourself in Chanel No5, that godawful Calvin Klein fragrance I do so hate, that smelly one Lucy had that made me feel ill, or, for the boys, that can on Lynx you spray every ten seconds, please remember;

You still smell like crap, my dearies.