#NOTD Primark Special


Primark glow in the dark varnish, with Primark green, silver and gold nail art pens


Eau De Telford

I stepped foot into Telford’s Primark on a Saturday at half eleven.  I survived, and I lived to get the dress.

I got the dress George showed me last week in Birmingham, and the only one left was my size.  Could it be a sign?  Good timing?  Someone had mixed it up with the tops in the mens department where I spotted it.  Either way I got a new very pretty dress to twirl around Shrewsbury in and do cross stitch.


Observing my new dress I instantly knew I needed some matching shoes.  I’ve never been keen on Primarni shoes, so went to a trustworthy fave of mine – Dorothy Perkins, where I spotted THE SHOES in the window and nearly knocked over a faux model or two to reach them.  I had to have them because they tap into the everlasting print trend which I adore and have a cut out on one side – a homage to modern tailored.


New shoes – tick.  New dress – tick.


My perfume is still full and i’m still in awe of my River Island bag I got the other month.  In other words – no bags took my liking.  So I headed to Waterstones and while mooching at books in the classic section, and spying some Linda la Plante I spotted the word – perfume.

Part of me thought wow make your own perfume – grown up George’s Marvellous Medicine, but perfume perhaps, you never know!  It wasn’t sadly, but it is an intriguing account from a Parisian fragrance writer.  I’m hooked already even though im putting down for Eurovision – Come on Bonnie Tyler!!!!!!


Now to label my new threads before Eurovision…

Lucy xxx

Ode To The Song ‘Turning Japanese’

On Thursday we went to Birmingham and had a mint day! We ate jelly at a different sushi bar Woktastic and both broke our own record of sushi bowls/plates eaten. I adored the noodle soup, it made me feel better (cos wasn’t feeling crap but didn’t want to let George down) and I used my chopsticks properly not like in the advert where she stabs them in the sushi (note from George – that’s UBER rude, it is symbolic of funeral incense!).



We went to the import sweet shop CyberCandy where we were spoilt for choice, it is a bit like being in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where do you go first? I got some ‘Fairy Eggs’ for myself, and some gum and a yo-yo for my lil sister Hannah, and George got some onion ring flavoured mints and a drink.


Yes. They are those.

George got really EXCITED in Paperchase at Selfridges, buying really pretty Great Britain map wrapping paper that she is transforming into a gorgeous journal, having images that relate to places on the map – an atlas George style.


I would have got some wallpaper but they seemed to have no shoe themed prints unfortunately, and the perfume one had a fake tan mark which made me grin! Part of me thinks it is slightly bigger than the one in Shrewsbury, but it just seemed like there was more paper.


My haul!

Next we went to Primark or Primarni as I like to call it (don’t we all…) and George showed me all these dresses that I instantly adored but didn’t want to try them on. Changing rooms are annoying, I swear down those mirrors make you look bigger than you are on purpose (just saying). I get paid next week, and i’m going to be running to my nearest Primark (note from George – they HAVE signed the agreement to raise worker’s welfare after the Bangladesh fire – Asda hasn’t) and getting them, they are perfect for this year’s classic sustainable Spring/Summer trend of print and bows and the odd bit of fringing. I don’t get fringing and never will. End of.

Before we went on the tram to Birmingham though, we went to Costa and no we didn’t fall asleep like last time! George kindly got me a grown up Slush Puppy that I later named mosquito blood because of George showing me all the mosquitos bite scars on her arm (note from George – random conversation, not as bad as it sounds! I’m allergic to them!).

I regret not being up for the Rag Market but i know going there when a tad bit skint is like watching your favourite House episode on DVD, then finding out it’s scratched and keeps skipping, so you miss all the mint one liners – NOT GOOD!


It always rains in Brum

Any suggestions for our next outing?

Lucy xx

New Year’s Eve Style At Work

This year I worked the New Year’s eve shift, and boy did I witness some outfits! Some I wish I had images to illustrate, and some thank god I don’t!

LBDs I saw a lot, some from Topshop and some from New Look, drenched in faux pearls and gold with high heels. Saw the odd jumpsuit, mostly navy and black but there was a really smart printed one, Laura Ashley would be proud of was. I was going to ask where it was from, but the customer was bit too ‘giddy’, shall we say!

Lads let themselves down in my opinion. I saw the odd few Made In Chelsea lookalikes, all suited up, but then as per usual the Lacoste polo shirts came in their thousands, teamed with jeans. Topman and Topshop did well this party season in Shrewsbury, along with Telford’s Primark.

Rumour has it that Primark wants resisdence in Shrewsbury. The up side i see to this is that Dorothy Perkins would be empty for me!

Lucy x

Style At Spar

I have started my new job at Spar and I realised it’s a great way to see other people’s style!  On my first day, I saw the classic Ralph Lauren inspired Primark polo shirt and jeans, the occasional sport hoodie, and a gentlemen’s parka
from H&M.

I served a lady who had the most gorgeous tailored wool jacket on.  It’s a bit early to bring out the wool coat from attic hibernation, but the weather was heavy rain and wind, so I guess that is a reasonable fashion excuse.  It was in an areo mint green, I so so wanted to jump over the counter and steal it.

My uniform is a black polo shirt and trousers. It felt strange wearing
trousers, but for footwear I am wearing mary jane shoes with a block heel, not being seduced by flats!  One of my new colleagues did say that’s good, my feet have structure (Ha! take that flats :P).

I’m excited about the 15th of September because to congratulate ourselves for finding a job, George and I are going to Cosmo’s 😀 Bring on the sushi,
noodles and jelly.

Lucy xx

Future Vintage

I have a book called Vintage Handbags, full of the most beautiful designer bags of fashion eras gone by.  The book showcases bags that have been handcrafted with the finest leather, embellished with the whitest pearls, and finished with the best metal clasps, fit for the Coco Chanel clutch wannabe.  This got me thinking, looking at my own bags.  Which one will be considered ‘vintage’ to future generations?

I am proud to say I have one bag for each day of the week.  I have 12 in fact (just counted now to check), and are a variety of River Island, House of Fraser, New Look, Topshop and free bag offers with certain fragrances.

When I walk through House of Fraser and see all the Radley bags, I examine them, feel them, mess about with the zip, these are bags that will be vintage in future, maybe to be seen on future episodes of Antiques Roadshow.  These bags represent my book, quality quality quality.  My bags are price, price, and price, they are not vintage, they are high street retail conveyor belt quality.

Vintage is either a hand me down item, bounded in a protective sheet away from dust or daddy long legs, or a very heavy price tag from Selfridges / House of Fraser.  My bags are neither, but if I were to take a chance, i’d like to think my Yumi bag would be considered vintage looking, even if its just for the print inside it.  Looking at it, I wish i’d got the matching one that went with it now too!

If this book is called ‘Vintage Handbags’, then I guess the future one would be called ‘Handbags Of The Conveyor Belt’, with a certain shop being with ‘P’ being dominant!

When I go the Fashion Heaven above, i’ll leave a note saying;

These bags are not vintage and not designer, they are high street, wear them and use them, knowing you have the original high street conveyor belt handbag.

And that’s why its vintage, because Primark went bust 😛

Lucy x